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A diet with apple cider vinegar

Acetic diet
In certain doses of apple cider vinegar can be helpful, it regulates the acid-base metabolism, improves the secretory function of the stomach.As a rule, stimulates metabolic processes in the body, increases efficiency, there is a feeling of lightness.And if it turns out this week to lose up to 5 kg, the mood is much improved.

In such a "system of power is not so safe.Because apple cider vinegar contains 7% of the acid, and it starts the processes that contribute to weight loss.Acid, but good, the acid can harm the body - will spoil the tooth enamel, damage the lining of the stomach, disturb the acid-base balance.

Before you sit on a diet, make sure you are healthy - you do not have inflammation of the intestinal wall, no duodenal ulcers and stomach, no gastritis.If you have had similar problems, acetic diet does not suit you.

If you are sure you are healthy, you need to follow these rules:

  • Drink diluted vinegar.
  • Eat Natural apple vinegar, homemade.
  • Divorced vinegar to drink on a
    n empty stomach, only to drink after a meal.
  • After receiving vinegar need to rinse your mouth with water, so you can avoid dental problems.
  • If there are warning signs you need to stop taking vinegar and apply to the clinic.

Discomfort or pain in the stomach, loss of appetite, nausea, pain when you press on the abdomen, bloating, there is a right under the ribs ache.

no means in itself does not happen magically.All nutritionists who recommend patients acetic diet, recommend the use of apple cider vinegar in combination with a specific diet.For example, eat less sweets, pasta, pastries, white bread, butter, fatty meats and fats, eat more grains, fruits, vegetables, sea food and fish and drinking sufficient mineral water.

cooking apple cider vinegar at home
apples wash, grate.This mixture malic put in a jar and diluted with warm water and boiled, 800 g of malic taken slurry per liter of water add 100 g of honey or sugar, and in order to speed up the fermentation process to add 20 g of rye bread or 10 g yeast.

Then jar tied with gauze and put in a warm place, fermentation will end after 60 days.Vinegar strain and pour into bottles, closed tight stopper.Vinegar is stored at a temperature of 8 degrees.

With obesity apple cider vinegar drink after a meal 2 teaspoons of vinegar added to a glass of water, four times a day.Noticeable effect occurs after 2 days, expressed come in 2 years.

I would like to warn those who want to help with vinegar immediately get rid of excess kilogram.Do not forget that vinegar in a concentrated form would be poison for the body.Therefore, before to experiment on your health, consult your doctor.