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To fit go slowly

The human body is a complex organism that adapts to any conditions of life.We know that people are coming, for example, in the Carpathians, from the polluting of any region, at first suffer irregular pressure, headaches and so on.The body has become accustomed to such conditions and good environmental conditions receives a hostile reception.

So it is with diet, even the good, healthy diet is a blow to the body and as a result, for example, may be exacerbated gastritis.No need to feel yourself for strength.

Take the basis of seven different forms of rule.
Hail, apples!

If you eat two large apples a day, then your thighs can lose 3 kilograms per month.Apples are rich in fiber, promote effective digestion and absorption of protein and fat, the result is weight loss.

2-3 tablespoons of oat, rye, wheat flakes that are eaten in the morning, can cover your daily requirement of folic acid in the body.This acid is the elixir of homocysteine, which affects the walls of arteries.But you should know

that cereal should only be whole grains.Although it is not very tasty, but very useful.

Vitamin C.
When there is a lack of vitamin C, the body begins to signal fatigue, drowsiness and irritability.You can with a lack of vitamin C to pick up any infection, someone sneezes and you'll be sick.It is necessary to adopt a rule in the day to eat at least 1 gram of vitamin, for this you can use the services of pharmacies.But it's best to eat kiwis and lemons.If the job requires of you increased commitment, then it is necessary to use vitamin C to support your body with vitamins and delicious you will bypass syndrome "dead tired horse."

run from a heart attack.
20 minutes If you're going to actively move, it will be the necessary minimum.If it is not respected, there can be no question of a healthy lifestyle.You do not need to take this statement literally, as most doctors say walking briskly is useful to the body than jogging.

Do not forget to feed your heart potassium.During the day, you need to eat 1 to 2 banana, for the heart is a good "doping", because in the two bananas contains a daily rate of potassium.According to experts, if you regularly eat bananas, you can reduce the risk of heart attack by 20 percent.

sure to have dark chocolate, but no more than two bars per month, because it is rich in calories.This allows you to lower your cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots, improves blood circulation, relieves stress.

once a week to do the fasting day.
can sit out on the mineral water without gas, starve, sit on apples or yogurt.Doctors say that if you do it once a week fasting day, you can extend your life by as much as 5 years.Like it or not - who knows, but perhaps worth a try.

Traditionally, once a week to eat fish, to give priority to the best marine fish than the river fish.In marine fish more iodine, which is so necessary in our hormonal system.

To fit go slowly, and then, without harm to the body, it is possible to come to a healthy lifestyle.By following these tips, you'll look good and get thin.

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