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Actor Anatoly Bely

must say that the acting career Anatoly engaged immediately.After high school for further training, he chose the specialty "Software Engineer electronic equipment" in the Samara Aviation Institute, where he studied for only two years, deciding that it was not his profession.

During his studies at the Institute Anatoly participated in KVNah, fond of guitar playing in the performances of the national Youth Theatre.Over time, the young man realized that he wanted his profession connected with the theater.He went to Moscow and from the first time passed the entrance exams and became a student Schepkinskogo school.

thorny path

Anatoly Bely graduated from college in 1995, and it was not the easiest time.The country is just overwhelmed the political, economic and cultural crisis.New actor could not find work in the theater.For several years he had to play in the crowd of the Taganka Theater.Moreover, in order to earn money to live on, he sold vacuum cleaners and worked for some time on television, sellin

g advertising time.

In 1998 he managed to escape from a difficult situation.When he learned that Oleg Menshikov is preparing a serious project, Anatoly went on trial in the "Partnership 814".It should be noted that before the actor together with his wife participated in the skit in the House actor, which showed a room - a parody of the TV advertising.There he saw the artist Paul Kaplevich Menshikov and later told about this talented actor.It turns out that Oleg Menshikov was already interested in them and a real meeting it did not disappoint.

Anatoly Bely in the "Theatrical Company 814" participated in plays such as "Kitchen", "Demon" and "Woe from Wit".Since 1998, the actor got the job and in the Theater.Stanislavsky, where he participated in productions of "Twelfth Night" and "The Taming of the Shrew", under the direction of V.Mirzoeva.

recognition on stage

In 2003, Anatoly White joined the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre, and this began a new in his work.Among his best roles in the performance of Shervinsky product Bulgakov's "White Guard", and King Lear directed by the well-known works of Shakespeare.

Besides the actor does not neglect the cooperation with other theaters.He played well in "Romeo and Juliet" in the role of Mercutio production center "New Globe" and in the Theater.ASPushkin took part in the play directed by K. Serebrennikov "Some Explicit Polaroids", a role which won the prestigious award "The Seagull" in 2002.

serious work was the main role in the play "The prisoners spirits" at the Center for Drama and Directing.In 2003, it was for this work actor regained theatrical premium "Chaika".

Cinema.From episodes - to the main roles

film career began Anatoly Bely, as well as many other actors, from the shooting in a variety of episodes, and he was listed in the credits under the surname Wiseman.Some time later, he changed his name (translated it into Russian from German) on the "White".

After episodes Anatoly Bely were supporting roles in the series "Diary of a Murderer" (the role of Ilia), "Brigade" (the role of assistant Igor Vvedensky), "Kamensky -3" (the role of the male nurse) and others.

Recognition screen

If up to this point Anatoly Bely had known only among the theater audience, then after the TV shows such series as "Talisman of Love" and "Multiplying sorrow", he began to gain popularity among televisionaudience.In the future, the actor starred in such acclaimed films as "Wolfhound of the Grey Dogs", "Paragraph 78", "Tin", "The Seventh Day", "I will never forget you."

One of the most successful role was the role of the actor Alexei Kovalev in the film "On the way to the heart" directed by Abai Karpykova.


For the past 17 years, Anatoly happily married to actress Marina Golub.

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