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Actor Alexander Golovin

At that time, he and his sister Evgenia and her parents lived in Moscow.One day, the parents of Sasha saw the poster, which read that the model agency S. Zaitsev announces casting.Parents recorded Zhenya, but as soon as Sasha found out about this, he began to beg their parents to take his.After casting and took Sasha and Zhenya.The children were taught acting, choreography, defile.It is a modeling agency Alexander turned his attention to the teacher Andrey Belkin, who was able to reveal the true talent in the boy actor and prepare them for future success.

And in 1999, Alexander first appeared on television in the music video "Three Words" (Naik Borzov).After that Sasha was invited to star in "Paleface is a liar" (vaudeville Vitaliy Moskalenko).He had a small role, and starring Sergei Bezrukov played, Ekaterina Guseva, Anna Samokhin.Sasha first starring role was in the second film, "Lord of the puddles" - a children's fantasy film director Sergey Rusakov.The film follows the adventures of children takin

g place in the virtual world, and Vanya, the protagonist of the film played Golovin Sasha.

After the "Lord of the puddles" Alexander was spotted by director "Jumble" (a children's comic magazine).It was a good sign, because many well-known actors today begins its way in "Jumble".Thanks Anya Tsukanova Alexander gets his first story, "a peck of salt."This story Anya played a major role and standing in front of her choice whom to choose as a partner Sasha or Velimir Rusakov.The choice fell on Anya Sasha.Alexander, after this story was shot more than 10 series of comic magazine.

At the height of its activity in the "Jumble" Sasha decided to try himself in the musical.For this risk, he chooses the "Nord-Ost", which later became famous.At the same time Sasha has no idea whether he has the ear and the voice.But precisely because of such audacity born real actors.Sasha gets her way, and as the first performer, playing in the first Russian musical role Sanya Grigoriev in his childhood enters the story.

to further develop the film career of Alexander.Since 2001 and 2004, Alexander was in the movie Yury Kuzmenko "The Adventures of a mage," E. Ishmuhamedova "Angels on the road", the mini-series LA Bocharova "The Mystery of Cleft Palate", in the series "ambulance" (in the series"Gavroche").

Through time Sasha achieves great success, starring in the film "Bastards" Alexander Atanesyan.The film speaks of how the security services during the Second World War created a camp where former commandos prepare 14-15 year olds criminals.The game was highly appreciated by specialists and the audience.At the ceremony held MTV film awards Sasha received the prize "Breakthrough of the Year."

In 2005 Sasha starred in "Cadet" - war drama S. Artimovich.The film tells about the fate of 3 modern guys who entered the Cadet Corps, which trains officers paratroopers.

a year Golovin Sasha Venes Aristarchus of "Cadet" migrate to the show "Kadestvo."Sasha in this series plays Maxim Makarov (main role).

In 2008, Alexander starred in "Father's Daughter" (TV series) as a young teacher.It was his first "adult" role.

In 2010, a young actor decides to take part in the GCS on scooters (competitions in highway-ring races) as companions he gets Alexei Smirnov.

Statement young actor says: "Artist - it is mostly theater, and not just a movie.Therefore, in a theatrical institution I did, but failed.Rather, time and perseverance is not enough to prepare.But I will not back down, I will come again.After all, I did not learn to be an artist in the acting department, then change the dream. "