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Actor Alexander Suvorov

theatrical stage Alexandra interested in school, in the last classes.After high school, Suvorov and his friends entered the theater department of the school of arts number two.With the guys working there Honored Artist of Russia, Sarov drama theater actress Emma I. Arsenyev, and the director of the theater, Honored Artist of Russia Victor T. Arsenyev.

school subjects were to Alexander is not as good as we would like, he learned quite average, but he finished school, with only one of three in the certificate, in chemistry.At the same time on your exam he was preparing for a future admission to university, and including physical - in a few months, he lost weight from 110 kilograms to 92.


The two thousandth, Alexander Suvorov, he graduated from the Drama SchoolSchepkina.In the same year he was accepted into the troupe of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre.Here, he has played many interesting roles, such as cogs in "Dunno traveler" Georg "Erast Fandorin" Injun Joe in "The Adventures of Tom Sa

wyer," Angel in "Pollyanna," Ignat Sokolov in "Tanja" Morbar in "The WizardOz "and many others.You can also recall the role played by Alexander Enjolras in the performance on the novel by Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables."

In addition to participating in the productions of Ramtha, the actor also worked in the entreprise.The list of his works have roles in such productions as "Carmen" directed by R. Viktyuk, "Romeo and Juliet" directed by M. Shevchuk, "The visit of the old lady," directed by S. Aldonin.

handsome Gypsy

greatest popularity among the spectators Suvorov was once on a TV series out of the country, "Carmelita."In this series Suvorov has played a major role, namely the noble and charming gypsy Miro.In this game it was so genuine and natural, that many of the viewers and now believe that the actor has gypsy roots.What, according to the actor, not so gypsy roots had not.A gypsy quarter was his ex-wife, but still fully acquainted with this culture Alexander had on the set.

During filming, the actor had excellent relations with many actors.With another performer starring (as gypsy Carmelites) Julia Zimin actor had to play lovers.

series "Carmelita" served as a kind of a good start for a young actor brought him popularity and fame.His talent was noted by many directors and Alexander Suvorov was invited to the main roles of the various projects.Thus, in the series "A woman without a past", he played the role of Stavros, and the show "Fire of Love" - ​​Boris Golovin.In 2009, the screens out the continuation of the series "Carmelita" - TV series "Carmelita.Gypsy Passion ", where the actor played a gypsy again Miro.Looking at the great game of Alexander, we can conclude that, most likely, again and again viewers will see it on the screens.


As for his personal life, the actor for six years lived with actress Marina Knyazev, while only half of the year status.Then they dispersed, but remained at the same good friends.At the moment, Suvorov has a lovely woman, but the actor rarely agrees to talk about his personal life.

Every year he tries to go to the sea, loves to go to the Crimea, visited the Maldives, Goa, Turkey, on the islands of Brothers, located in the Red Sea.About three years ago, the actor became interested in diving.

If at some point there is no way to travel in the real world, there's always the virtual world - Alexander Suvorov in his spare time likes to play computer games strategy.

actor on the neck is white shark tooth.Alexander believes that the amulet on the occasion bought in Egypt, bringing him good luck and happiness, including his work, and he had never takes off.

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