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Turkish TV series and actors

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

popular star of the Turkish cinema and part-time model, which is known for Rolet Mehameda (debut actor) in the series "Gumush" (2005), was born on October 27, 1983 in Adana (Turkey).By the way, the appearance of Tatlyntugi in the series' Gumush "made a huge impression on the people that love this country series.Therefore, we do not knowingly decided to bring high-eyed blond Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ list of Turkish TV series and actors.By the way, in 2002 the actor as a model received the title of "Best Model Of The WORLD."Many Turkish and foreign critics have compared the actor with the famous footballer David Beckham, referring to their resemblance.

Murat Yildirim

actor was born April 13, 1979, in the city of Konya (Turkey).In 2003, the actor starred in the TV series "Immortal Love", but because of the low ranking of the series had to finish shooting for 11 series.After that, in 2004, on the screens it came just two series featuring Murad: "The Big Lie" and "All My Children."Particularl

y popular actor brought a major role in the series "Storm" (2006).Another "star" role Murat became the series "Asi", where he played a central role as a famous Turkish actress Tuba Byuyyukyustyun.Today Yildirim starred in the TV series "Love and Punishment" and a member of the family alliance with Burchin Terziolu.

Jade Dyuvendzhi

Born April 16, 1977, Istanbul (Turkey).Jade acting work beginning in 1995, starring in the TV series "Palavra Ashklar."But in 1997 the actress took the third place in the contest of beauty, who led the TV channel "Star".In 2000, the actress married to Kaan Girginom for a while leaving an acting career.In 2002, the marriage broke up.The first role after the break was a joint role in the series "Zalim" with Mahsun Kyrmyzygyulem.Then Jade played in such famous Turkish serials like "Kasyrga insanlary," "Forces Bashtan", "Poppies" and "Meng Birr Tun".In 2008, Jade Dyuvendzhi became the wife of a businessman Engin Akgün.

Halit Ergenç

Born April 30, 1970 Istanbul (Turkey).Because acting career in 1989, Halit left Faculty of Shipbuilding and Oceanography at the Istanbul Technical University and entered the acting department.Today, in addition to work in film and on stage, Ergenc, like many actors, tries herself as a leading program, acted in commercials and TV shows.Such series as "1001 Nights" with his participation has broken all records to display.By the way, in 2006, he became the owner Halit Primo "Golden Butterfly" to work on the show in the category "Best Actor man."Married to akterke Bergüzar Korel with which he educates his son Ali joint.

Berguzar Gokcen Korel

Turkish actress Born September 2, 1982 in Istanbul, in a family of famous actors and Tanju Corel Hulyi Dardzhan.

Korel Acting, studied at the theater department at the University of the name of the architect Sinan.She played many roles in short films and theater.Bergyuzer managed to work with the teacher of celebrities such as Tom Hanks and Nicole Kidman.

first debut in the series "Broken life."In 2005 Korel was invited to the show "olive branch."The tremendous success of the actress was due to shooting in the 2006 ranking series "1001 Nights" (the role Shehrazad Evliaolu).Before you play in this series Berguzar took acting classes at the famous theater master Ayla Algan.By the way, this episode brought Bergyuzer Prize "Golden Butterfly" in the category "Best Actress."In 2009, the cast of the series "1001 Nights" Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç tied the knot.

So look best Turkish actors who starred in the famous Turkish serials.

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