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Night clubs, parties, beach parties

outfits for night clubs, parties, beach parties should always match the place or institution where it occurs.Remember, nightclubs require special uniforms that will match the style of the club.Visiting beach parties should adhere to the lungs and summer clothes in which you will always be comfortable and cozy.But various parties require a dress that will go perfectly with the theme and the people invited to the party.Let's finally talk about how it is necessary to look at a particular situation at various get-together.

Nightclubs and parties

You adore clubs, and just can not imagine my life without them.And now, waiting for the right moment, like you "on the wings of the night" mchishsya these nightlife.But before it appears, you need to have an appropriate appearance, thanks to which you will be able to win more than one man's heart.So, what to wear is recommended to fans of "night life"?First of all, it is worth noting the fact that your outfit should be easy and free (dance all night in tight, e

specially in the hottest time of the year - an option is not promising).But to go in a bathing suit or half-naked, of course we also do not recommend.After all, most of the clubs at the entrance has a "dress-control."So, what dress should be such that you certainly passed this control.Of course, half the trouble, if the club planned theme party.Then you know exactly what to suit you to come.But in the case of an ordinary night party, things are very different.

Remember to look "one hundred percent" - this is the first key to a successful pass face control.Therefore, always try to meet the criteria that expose night clubs.Your attire can be anything: from the usual jeans and tunics, to evening dresses in the style of "mini".The main rule - is the brightness of your dress, style and good taste.Your clothes should always have a normal appearance.If it's jeans, then stretched his knees here are not relevant.By the way, it is not necessary to dress all in black.This color you absolutely stand out.But the white dress, fashionable high-heeled shoes - this is what is necessary.As we have said, light clothing, supplemented by your sexuality will always help you to meet the club's canons.So that no formal, classic and rigor in style club scene does not welcome.

of the accessories will be very well looked big jewelry, as much massive earrings, bracelets and necklaces (preferably selected color or style of clothing).Please add it all can be the original belt, glasses and a small handbag.Speaking of handbags.Its size should be about as half an A4 sheet.Therefore klatch- bag is the best option.Bags enormous size, usually inconvenient and rather impractical for this institution.

Complete outfit for the party, recommended footwear heels.Your shoes should always have an excellent appearance, but of sneakers and sports shoes, you still should forget.Oh, it's not far from the club format.

And now a few words about the hair and make-up.Hair should always be well-groomed and in perfect condition.If it curls, then the ideal shape, straight hair, with breathtaking brilliance, creative chaos, the mild taste and a sense of proportion.Remember that your hair does not have to bring you discomfort due to the fact that it will always have to correct.And make-up, it must be very bright and catchy.It is best to use the cosmetics counter, which does not crumble and not greasy, otherwise you have to constantly be away for what would be "to powder her nose."

Here are the basic rules of how to look, visiting the club scene.But what if you were invited to a beach party?

Beach parties

There will be appropriate beach attire: light sundresses, shorts and even swimsuits with the original pair.From shoe will look best outdoor summer sandals with rhinestones low soles, colorful pendants and straps.These shoes will complement the highly refined, whatever outfit chosen for the beach party.

As for the hair, then you can certainly create the color using mousse or mousse mega lush hair.But you have to remember that after the party is a "creation" will not look very attractive.Especially if you decide together with the other, to plunge into the foaming sea.It is best for beach party, make an asymmetrical tail, which is recommended to secure with the help of colorful hair clips in the form of some exotic flower or figures.You do not like the tail - braided pigtails and decorate some of their original beads and hairpins or just wrap hair.By the way, it will look very impressive, if you nanesesh into individual strands of hair a little bit special gel, which can be seen at the club's ultraviolet light.In addition, you can use the glowing nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick and lip makeup that you will deliver an amazing look.From jewelry use a huge plastic earrings and bracelets of different colors and shades.Not bad will look necklace of shells and a bracelet.

And finally, do not brightly painted: waterproof mascara, a thin layer of shadows, resistant lipstick - it is what it is best suited for a beach party.

Here are the basic rules of how to look at the cost of any get-together.Following them, you will certainly overshadow the other ladies, and you will be the most fashionable and stylish person at the party.The main thing, above all, do not forget to bring a good mood, a smile and a positive fuse.Successful you get-togethers!

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