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The most important items of clothing, which should be in each woman's wardrobe

most important garments

1. Little Black Dress
With little black dresses and some accessories, you will create a large number of orders.This is the item of clothing if it will be a lot of embroidery, beads and rings, it will look awful.Be in this dress simple and elegant as Audrey Hepburn.Even if the dress is called the small and black, it does not mean that it should be honest and short, sit like a glove, have a line of the neck, and be of a light fabric.To be selected from high quality fabric, and it is not necessarily to be black, it can be from any tissue of a neutral color.The main requirement to the little black dress - in it you should feel very beautiful, and neither more nor less.

2. White cotton blouse
white cotton blouse has become a classic, you can wear a pencil skirt, casually throw a pair of jeans to wear a suit or wear with your favorite shorts.It is suitable to all.The shirt should fit like sewn on you, hide the shortcomings and emphasize the shape.Along the length of the shir

t should be of medium length.If it is either shorter or longer, it is not suited to all.The optimal length of blouses to mid-thigh.This shirt you can fill in jeans, throw in a jacket on a T-shirt or a tie under the bust.But if the length of the blouse is unsuitable, you do not do it all.Like a black dress shirt should be chosen for quality.

3. Tight Jeans
Every woman in the wardrobe of jeans should be of this type.Some people consider themselves to be too fat or too old to wear jeans, but jeans - the main part of any woman's wardrobe.If they are well-sewn correctly chosen, there is no more attractive to a woman's body than jeans.If you want to feel beautiful, sexy and domineering - Find your jeans.Jeans that sit below the waist on most women look as good as flared jeans.At the same time, such as, wide, narrow, good tight jeans on a certain type of shapes.It is difficult to pick a pair of jeans, you need to do a lot of re-measure jeans.

4. Trench neutral color
at all, without exception, the women look great standard trench.It is visually making thinner waist and emphasizes the shoulders.Even those who do not wear a belt, understand that it is only emphasize the shape, and you'll look even more attractive.Trench coats may be of different lengths, so and miniature and tall women can choose something for themselves.For myself, try to choose a trench neutral colors - dark blue or beige, as it is a color to suit each item in your wardrobe.

5. The suit, which consists of 3 parts: a jacket, trousers and pencil skirt
Since you want to mix items one suit to another suit, so it is best to choose a classic neutral colors.For example, chocolate, dark blue, black.Stick to the classics, avoid the pursuit of fashion.Be elegant simplicity.It plays a key role high-quality cloth.If you put on a beautiful and fashionable costume, you will feel feminine and power.There must be something, and more.Pants should sit on you, like a glove, and should be well sewn.Pick up a skirt silhouette A silhouette of a pencil.It must not be above or below the knee.This skirt should not look baggy, but should not have too swift.Jacket also has to be a classic.All that is too short or long - it is a trend.

6. T-shirts in white, black or other suitable color
such a thing as a white shirt, is simply irreplaceable in every woman's wardrobe.If you wear it with a skirt and beautiful ornaments to choose the right, you can go to the party.And, if you wear it with khakis, you'll feel at ease and look fine.Some women want to have a black and white shirt.It is also good.Third-shirt must be of a color that suits you.It can be color, emphasizing the tan, eye color or a color that accentuates your skin is beneficial.Play with colors and decorations, but do not abuse them.It looks elegant and easy.You can play with long sleeves and cuts to the neck.

7. Leather Jacket
length and style will depend on the climate in which you live, and how are you going to use it.As for colors, you can unleash the imagination.Do not choose a black or beige, you need a jacket the color of ripe pumpkin color of mocha, chocolate - that's what you need.Just make sure that the color you are, and it will come to other subjects of your wardrobe.

8. Black pumps
It is a necessary thing.Be careful when choosing shoes.No need to look for shoes with very high heels.The most preferred stable heel than a stud.

9. Handbag small
It should be everywhere with you.Very large bag will cause confusion and be hard to handle.A small bag will look stuffed.But a medium-sized bag looks neat and accommodates everything you need.Bag choose beige, brown or black.It should not be in color to the shoes, but also should not enter into conflict with them.Find something that you enjoy.

10. Jewellery
The taste and color, as they say, no friends.But, basically every woman must have in the wardrobe of a pair of earrings and watches.The clock does not necessarily buy high quality.But do not get carried away and jewelry, and even more catchy, large ornaments.Everything has to be in the style of Audrey Hepburn - very elegant and very cute.

most important items of clothing, which should be in the wardrobe of a woman, and 10 of these subjects the whole world in our hands.

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