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Harmony of color in makeup and clothing

List of harmonizing colors of make-up and clothing is very high, but we will try to highlight the mass of the most basic.It is believed that the bright red color is very well combined with green, black, blue, gray and gold.Not suitable for red colors like lilac, orange, dark green and brown.The colors in harmony with burgundy - is light blue and green, gold, gray and pure white.No harmony of color - is orange, purple and brick color.For the magenta hue suited golden, light blue, green, and is not suitable - blue, orange and purple.

orange color blends well with the purple, white, blue, brown and all shades of blue.Not suitable for all shades of orange red.

Pink looks perfect in combination with blue, brown, maroon and gray, but negative for the pink flowers appear green, purple and yellow.

Brown originally looked at a combination with pink, beige and olive, and negatively with red, maroon and purple.

olive shade allows colors like brown, gold, green and all shades of blue.Not recommended combined wi

th olive burgundy, all shades of pink and purple flowers.

Blue color perfectly harmonizes with the blue and red, but the error will happen if you try to combine it with colors such as lilac and purple.

Blue shade will look good with gray, all shades of red, maroon, gold, pink and shades of olive.Negative color to blue - green and brown.

original golden color will look if you combine it with a pale blue, dark green and blue, olive and brown.The best choice would be a combination of gold and red, but pink and purple used we categorically do not recommend.

As for yellow, the dominant act here - brown and all shades of green, but pink color appears completely inappropriate.

with purple hues harmonize well golden, yellow, light blue and orange.Not recommended colors - all shades of red.

with shades of green look all shades of beige and black.Not suitable - red and purple colors.

lilac ideally be combined with colors such as gray, purple, black and green.Not recommended colors - all shades of red, olive, pink, gold and burgundy.

Finally, timeless classics - black.Successful advocate for the black - pink, purple, red.A good combination of black and white, as they say, classic complements classic.Inconsonant colors black virtually no except dark green and beige.

The clothes should always be selected to 2-3 was the presence of flowers and more.In very bright make-up, we do not recommend to wear clothes saturated and warm colors.Here it is necessary to opt for cool colors in clothes - black, green, blue and purple.At light make-up, the best is if you pick your outfit in pink, cherry, or crimson.If you constantly use bright eye shadow and your make-up is similar to the natural one, then you need to get clothes very bright colors: green, yellow, pink, blue and red.If you dominate the dark color in makeup, then put something pale blue, brown or green.

If you are using a dark beige tonal foundation for the face, it is not recommended to wear bright clothes with a highly colorful drawings.There will be successful along with self-colored and dark shades.

Remember the basic rule that lies at the heart of makeup, which is successfully combined with clothes, is the fact that any makeup should match the clothes.That is, if your clothing is modest and tranquil colors, hence the make-up should be the same (light eye shadow, natural color face powder, lipstick is soft).But if in your wardrobe is dominated by very bright colors in clothes, then, respectively, and your makeup should be bright (dark eye shadow, blush, powder and bright lipstick).

Another important criterion by which you must choose the appropriate attire and makeup, speaking time.For example, if you put on dark clothes during the day, be sure to emphasize its bright shade of lipstick or lip gloss.If you decide to leave the house in a white dress or a suit, emphasize this outfit with bright shades of makeup.This bright pink lipstick, eye shadow shades of blue or gray and beige face powder.Black outfit requires the contrary the use of shadows and light transparent lip gloss.Bright and colorful outfits is not recommended to complement the makeup, which uses shades of pink.

And finally, I want to add that when applying makeup is always necessary to take into account not only the color but also the style of your clothes.When tracksuit or light modest dress bright makeup is not to face.If you wear an evening dress, for example, the classic dress, do not forget to put the focus on the eyes and bright lipstick, but if you put on a very bright dress with visible elements of outstanding decor, then your makeup should be so very bright (blush, dark shadowswith glitter, lip gloss in a series of Water Shine).

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