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Forms and techniques of nose piercing

Types piercing various parts of the nose.

piercing (piercing) of the nose for the initial installation and subsequent wearing jewelry.Pierced nose is possible, using different methods in different parts (puncture entire wall of the nose, skin and cartilage, skin only):

  • puncture the bottom of the nose (Septra);
  • horizontal puncture tip of the nose (Austin Bar - in honor of the first owner);
  • vertical puncture tip of the nose;
  • vertical piercing nasal tissue on the nose (the bridge);
  • horizontal piercing nasal tissue on the nose (the bridge);
  • puncture the septum of the nose between the nostrils (septum - with the ornament hangs above the upper lip);
  • single or multiple puncture one or both nostrils;
  • various combinations of punctures.

nose piercing is known for a long time, I have some people (in India, for example) it did the entire population, in other nations - only members of the nobility.Now, do a nose piercing to wear jewelry, but there were times when he did not so much for d

ecoration as well to indicate the status of the person who wore a decoration.

Contraindications to puncture the nose.

Conduct nose piercing is necessary only in hospitals or cosmetic clinics that use disposable instruments and in compliance with all the rules of aseptic and antiseptic.Moreover, this procedure has contraindications that can really appreciate a doctor.

can not do the nose piercing:

  • in acute diseases;
  • in various skin diseases;
  • with severe chronic diseases that disrupt the function of internal organs;
  • intolerance metals from which made decoration;
  • when taking hormonal drugs, including hormonal contraceptives - contribute to the reduction of immunity;
  • in diabetes with severe immune;
  • with reduced blood clotting.

Technique of piercing the nose.

In the area of ​​the nose are many small blood vessels and nerve endings, so puncture the nose may be accompanied by slight bleeding and be painful.But since the puncture procedure is quick, usually severe pain does not happen.Nose piercings are performed only disposable needles.After the puncture immediately vdevaetsya hole, pre-treated with antiseptic, jewelery (rings, horseshoes, cloves of high grade gold or titanium), which are not removed until the wound is completely healed, this is for 1, 5 months.During this time, the wound must periodically applying antiseptics, while not irritating the surrounding tissue.

Repeated puncture (say, for the second decoration) can be made only after the final healing of wounds, or severe scarring can develop in the nose.

complications after the piercing of the nose.

presence or absence of complications at puncture the nose depends on the patient's immune system and its features, as well as by whom and under what conditions the procedure performed.

When puncture the nose may experience the following complications:

  • rough scar formation in the area of ​​the puncture: it depends both on the art of the surgeon and the individual patient;can be formed even keloid scars - shiny pink-red, towering above the surface of the skin that are difficult to treat and rapidly grow;
  • Bleeding: a specially trained health worker easily cope with this complication, but when a puncture does a person with no medical training, it can turn into a serious problem;
  • Wound infection, inflammation: implications - severe scarring on the skin.A complication of this type tend to happen in the case if the puncture is a man without medical training, not knowing the rules of aseptic and antiseptic, is a medical institution.And since the nose a lot of blood vessels, possibly a rapid expansion of the nearby and more distant organs.

nose piercing - not such a simple procedure, so choose the decoration and medical facilities, which will be made a puncture, it is necessary to correct.Then decorate the face piercing really.

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