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How to hide figure flaws under your clothes?

So, how to hide figure flaws under

your clothes?


obese women should avoid clothes that divides the figure on the horizontal.Straight jacket, ending on line thighs, making the lower part of the figure lighter hiding figure flaws.Also avoid too tight and close-fitting clothes.Tightening the belt tight, you do not create themselves a narrow waist, if it is absent, and only will emphasize the lack of figures.Casual jacket will make more sophisticated clothing line.

If you have a curvy shape, do not wear skirts circular fold blouses with frills, wide belt, jacket and skirt in contrasting colors, dresses with thin spaghetti straps.Fabrics in a large square, contrasting color combinations and hoodies simply forbidden!All this only emphasizes your fullness.

wear a dress straight cut with a small cut on the chest and vertical pockets.The skirt and blouse of the same color.Preferred colors: black, blue, gray, marsh.Choosing clothes of dark color, you can easily hide figure flaws under clothing.

Soft smooth fabric - ideal for larger women.They gently ochёrkivayut figure hiding bulging, leaving room for imagination.Do not forget the chains and long beads - they create a vertical effect.

waist illusion can be created with the details of the dress at the waist - buckles, belts.Silhouettes, close-fitting or slightly flared: compared with the width of the hem waist will look thinner.To divert attention from the waist up, you need to choose clothes with plunging necklines triangular or heart-shaped cutouts.

visually reduce the stomach to help dress with asymmetric buckles, laces or smells side, they distract the attention.Fabrics need to choose soft or draped.Choose a model with puffed sleeves to the bottom when compared with the top seemed narrower.

Large Bust

If you have too big a bust, it is better to wear dresses, suits.No draperies and buttons.Only the longitudinal seams and elongated neck.The spacious top, the less emphasizes the bust.Clothes with vertical relief and lines visually reduces its volume, while making a smooth bust noticeable.Avoid models with a yoke, ending above the line of the chest.

flared skirts and parts near the hip - balance the bust.Wear things neckline, laid bare collarbone, mostly triangular, but such that end above the center of the bust.Choose fabrics that do not oblipayut and slightly form-fitting shape.

Heavy hips

If a woman has heavy hips, she can hide them if you learn to wear appropriate things.Asymmetric skirt helps to hide flaws and demonstrate the dignity of the figure.Hem, which is cut corners, draws attention to the beautiful knees or ankles elegant, distracting from heavy hips.

Direct skirt can decorate any figure, the main thing to find its length.High ladies allowed to wear long skirts for women of average height designers recommend skirts, "kissing his knee."Pledged folds, vertical lines and diagonal pockets are distracting details.The ideal fabric for this model - fine wool (pile of heavy material weights figure).

can also carry a wide and colorful gypsy skirt with an average figure.Small drawing will be lost, and will give a major figure excessive monumentality.Instead of gum or a broad belt from gypsy skirts belt-inlay or flirt, but in this case the fabric falls, concealing extra centimeters.

Bedouin pants - straight from the hip pants with decorative belt-kuliske.This model is combined with a light blouse visually stretches the figure.Blouse should just cover the buttocks and not be baggy.

Men's pants are all women.Imperfect line shapes they make more stringent.Take on arming light trousers with a belt and pockets, tailored to men's fashion.Prefer straight trousers, flared legs heavier and narrower hips.No tucks at the waist and cuffs - they visually shorten the leg.

Short legs

If you have short legs, you can not wear a dress with a low waistline, shirt not tucked into her skirt;lateral undercuts in the middle of the thighs.Eliminate pants, opening the abdomen, and trousers with podvёrnutymi edges.Forget short pants forever.

better to wear dresses and coats, which overstated waist model with horizontal undercuts under the breast, extended to the bottom of skirts, blouses and jackets, straight-cut, elongated skirts.It is advisable to choose the fabric in a vertical strip, and small peas.

Short stature - it's no problem.Just avoid clothing too bright and colorful elements.It is not necessary to increase the growth due to the high hairstyles and funny hats.Too thick sole or heel of a very high figure will make a disproportionate, and it looks ridiculous.Slender posture always profitable emphasizes the image of Thumbelina.

excessive thinness or narrow hips

Needless skinny girls is not advisable to wear tight and close-fitting coats or dresses, elongated low-cut dresses, blouses, sleeveless.Looks great on a skirt shape with circular pleats, belt at the waist or hips, necessarily broad, the model with a round neck.Blouses with wide, gathered at the wrists, arms.Choose fabric in a large cage or a large flower.

narrow hips and broad shoulders may look more feminine when dressed in close-fitting dresses, sweaters, T-shirts, tank tops, tight-fitting shape.Also help hide flaws skirt with soft pleats at the waist, or Basque.Silhouettes, tapering, you do not go.

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