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Stylish businesswoman: how to choose the perfect business suit

Women's business suit: which model to choose a costume

The correct office suit is a kind international language of business etiquette.Business suit gives you the opportunity to judge not only on the financial condition of a business woman, and about her professional and personal qualities.Choosing the perfect costume office must comply with the following factors: it should be form-fitting but not restrict movement, correspond to the office dress code, but at the same time to express individuality.

Business Suit can be selected and with trousers, and skirts.Tight pants with a high waist slim and classic lines give the image of stateliness.Speaking of skirts, it should be noted that this is a more feminine option than trousers.Office Etiquette suggests straight and slightly flared skirt.The length should be up to the knee.Placket allowed, but they must not exceed 10 centimeters.

From what to wear a business suit?

primarily to suit any model you need to choose the right blouse.Blouse can be m

onochrome or color, but in any case not clear.It is best to choose a blouse muted shades: blue, pale pink, lemon, cream.Avoid blouses and shirts of bright colors.Also, according to the rules of the dress code sleeves blouses must be either to the elbow or to the wrist.If instead of a suit with a skirt you prefer office dress and jacket, do not forget that the dress should be put on a single color.Better if it will be a dress-case black or gray.

important element of women's business suit - a belt that gives a finished look to the costume, even if it is the ensemble of the blouse and skirt or a jacket when removed.Unacceptable belt overloaded shiny and ringing metal fittings.

Remember that office suit presupposes tights, regardless of the time of year.In the summer they can be replaced stockings.Complete business image shoes.They must be suitable to the suit color.The heel should not be too high, 5-6 cm is sufficient.Ideally, this should be a shoe with a closed nose and made of leather.

How to add femininity to the strict office suit?

But even in the harsh jungle of office, the woman continues to be a woman.And her desire to look attractive natural and commendable.But how can a business woman revive his official costume, to show their feminine essence and personality traits in office clothes if there around one continuous restrictions?Using accessories.Yes, the value of accessories for the revival of a business suit and an expression of his personality is difficult to overestimate.Elegant handbag made of soft leather, stylish luxury watches, cufflinks, elegant, original brooch, stick filigree immediately displayed on the image of the business, creating exactly your unique image.Resorting to such seemingly insignificant details, you just select from the crowd of faceless and monotonous office workers, drawn into the same costumes and reminiscent of an army of clones.

However, do not overdo it with decorations, otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree, not the all-knowing and strict business lady.One decoration in the form of brooches, necklaces, rings and earrings to emphasize their own individuality is enough.The abundance of ornaments in the business environment will be regarded as vulgarity and philistinism.

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