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Image and style of a business woman

fashion business is very conservative.And all of the recommendations in the creation of a business suit, we can take as a basis.To create an image of a businessman considered important, what to wear, and for the image of a business woman, especially considered how to wear.Elegance should be present in all.And in order to create a successful business image you need a lot of attention paid to the plastic movements, mannerisms, gait.

Most women believe that in order to create the perfect business style you need to have a tight budget.But it is not.Practice shows that rich women are buying an expensive and fashionable and at the same time complaining that "quite naked" than women of average means.It is simple: frugality and thrift form good taste than some injudicious indulgence whims and impulses, "I want this, I want that."After all, what can like, it does not mean that it is able to decorate.So you buy a vending thing better think twice.

Designers believe that a woman who has suffered a fiasco in the s
ervice, and makes mistakes in business and in the selection of clothing.
«Enemies" - a perfect image;
- blind obedience to the whims of fashion,
- underscore the merits of their female and exaggerated assessment,
- their social origin, which affects the manner of dress,
- insufficient attention to the accessories,
- groomed appearance.

Of course, you know that not only suit makes a woman a woman, and including business and successful woman.We must never forget those little things that can help to succeed in their careers, to give you a unique charm.

appearance, and especially the style of clothing can say a lot about a person.Woman manager, lawyer and so on, to be always on top.A bad image and properly matched outfits only can ruin a career or break all the plans.Therefore it is necessary to know how to combine clothes femininity and business style, and it is a great art.

employees, communicate with clients, must comply with the dress code of dress, and other staff can come in any clothes, but such a policy in our country is not yet applicable.Therefore, all employees subject to the rules of the dress code.But there is, of course, differences between metropolitan lawyers, managers and lawyers and managers working in a provincial town.

Most insurance companies, law firms, banks look of employees is strictly regulated.There are specific rules for wearing skirts, suits, shirts and so on.Sometimes defined by the length of the pants.A more democratic style of dress applies to employees of construction, trade and tourism companies.

If you got a job in a company where there are no strict rules for the appearance of the staff still need to adhere to some rules.Tell all "no" jeans, especially with low-slung, brightly colored clothing, sportswear (T-shirts) as well as T-shirts, beach shorts, deep neckline, mini skirts.Absolutely unacceptable loose hair.But if you want something to wear from the above list, you need to remember what a woman dressed business or management, are always dressed to the nines.

What is needed and can be worn?Trousers, classic pencil skirt, they are always relevant.Blouses pastel tones give way to everyday freshness and novelty.Quite comfortable pullover sweatshirt, and that is usually worn with a vest.And, of course, suits and dresses.Colours - shades of olive, brown, blue, blue, gray and others.When choosing a shoe main criterion is the closed heel.Flip-flops are inappropriate in the dress business woman.

When you come to a new team, you have to look who and how dressed.This will help you navigate.And most importantly, respecting the dress code, to be myself.This will help perfume, they must be used in moderation, and accessories, for example, a string of pearls in the neck.This will give your image originality and perfection.

inner attitude, voice, your appearance can play in your career a decisive role, as well as in personal life.If you are self-confident, friendly and attractive, you can easily arrange for a companion, before greeted him.Conversely, negative mood, inappropriate situation looks, may be the reason that you will not be heard.

five mistakes women business
1. neckline
One of the participants of the meeting, said, "My slave has a curvaceous and wears cleavage."She sort of activity has to spend a lot of business meetings.Business partners are shocked at her form.This prevents business negotiations.The director of this company does not know how to tell her that this style of clothing should not be at work.

2. Short Skirt
unfortunate choice of skirt creates a seductive and daring style, and interfere with partners and colleagues concentrate on work.Once again, leaders complain that they do not know how to tell her the correct form of the slave "wrong" clothes.Leaders annoying, but are afraid of offending employees, their comments about appearance.

3. A large number of jewelery
Many leaders emphasize that a large amount of jewelry of their distraction.For example, several rings, bracelets, necklaces and beads, make sounds, in negotiations at the table.Several pieces of jewelry that have on at the same time violate the business etiquette.

4. Inadequate makeup
This element of style also causes discontent among the leaders.They consider the complete absence of make-up or "war paint" a complete mistake in the design of the exterior.All managers interpret this as a sign of self-doubt and is considered a sign of bad taste.

5. Summer Datura
This phenomenon is widespread in those countries where the cold climate.And when the hot days and heat comes, many business women believe that all this allows to break the rules of business etiquette, which concerns clothing.For example, women are exposed to "daylight dope" wear clothing in the heat of transparent fabrics, come to work in the clothing type of beach, wearing sandals, do not recognize the stockings and so on.This situation worries the leadership, because the summer is not changed professional duties.And in the heat held various meetings in the office, presentations, business negotiations.The booking business women need to look appropriately in a business setting.

Now we know what the image and style of a business woman.Listen and observe the style and image of a business woman.

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