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What should consist of a basic wardrobe woman

Here is a sample list of things that need to be any woman.Silk blouse or a white cotton shirt.They go perfectly with pants, skirts, jeans, suits.The shirt should emphasize the shape and be fitted.

Classic simple jeans, be perfect for you to sit, have a uniform color, of good quality material, so they can serve you for a long time.Also sexy top with lace.It is also possible to put on a jacket for the office, so that the image has become a spicy.You can wear a cardigan and jeans and go on a romantic date.

Cashmere Turtleneck thin .This universal thing that always looks stylish.The little black dress is okay to sit and be concise.Even if it is a simple cut, it must be sewn from high quality material suitable to you.This dress have to have the case where there is no time to think, what to wear, and you need to look chic.

Classic black boots with heels, who sit on the leg.They will look good and skirts and trousers.High heel shoes, height of 10 centimeters.Every woman should be heeled shoes.Classic s
uit of good fine wool will allow you to be perfect at work in the office.

cashmere coat. It looks noble and expensive, and looks for a long time overdue, you just have to change gloves and scarves.Short leather jacket will protect you from rain and wind.To create a glamorous image it can be combined with chiffon dress or with jeans for a stroll.

12 things in the wardrobe of any woman
Several things must be present in every woman's wardrobe, though not very bright, but the purpose for the majority of women.If they choose the right, they help every day to look for a new way to surrounding people began to wonder what the same size reaches your dressing room.

1. Little Black Dress
hard to think of a successful investment money than the little black dress.It is everywhere and always appropriate, and will be the basis for a set of images from the evening to the daily.It can be complemented by different accessories, such as belts, brooches, scarves, and every time you will be able to look in a new way.

can suggest a few ideas if you are bored, put something with a black dress: a fur boa, clutches "for snake" unusual tights and red high heel shoes, large expressive necklace.In general a nice thing: because black slim.For maximum effect, you need to choose a dress concise clear cut, which will be a good fit for your figure.For example, a "case."But baggy black dress with a noticeable trim or drapes on the role of the basic things you will not do.

2. Jeans
Far Gone are the days when jeans were considered rough work clothes.Today, they must be present in the locker room.Only on the basis of one pair of jeans you can create a huge number of sets.Moreover, they are relevant in any situation and at the meeting and on a date.Wear jeans with flat shoes and evening wear heels.

cut of jeans is selected depending on the type of figure.If you think that pipes will not be perfect to sit on you, maybe you fit flared from the hip or straight jeans.They should be simple, no embroidery, rhinestones, art hole, deliberately scuffs.The optimum colors - black or dark indigo.Black jeans, you can replace the classic dark trousers.

3. Beige shoes

beige high heels, as indispensable as the black, they fit to any outfit.And unlike the black beige shoes do not look boring.A nice bonus is the fact that shoes are visually lengthen legs.

Shoes need to choose this color, which would be close to the color of your skin.Preference should be given or suede matte skin.But if such a fashion trend you do not like, it is better to stay on the classic black boats, it is a win-win.

4. Light blouse
is impossible to imagine without a wardrobe sexy outfits such as a white shirt.And it is difficult to argue, and do not need, it is better to borrow the idea.White blouse with patch pockets on the chest, it is not boring and universal thing.This shirt would be appropriate to look at the office and in any other place, we just need to change the strict trousers, a narrow skirt, a dress to complement high-heeled shoes.A pleasant side effect is that pockets help to visually add volume to the chest.

If your soul prefers feminine style and asks frills, no need to restrain myself.Feminine blouse with small ruffles will look appropriate and relevant, even in the office, but on condition that the other things in this kit are designed in a simple style.

5. Elegant cloak
We all know that on clothes meet.And as the weather in this country most of the cool, the first will judge your sense of style, namely outerwear.Win-Win is a classic trench.It is suitable to any of your outfit, you'll always look presentable in trench, and this kind of thing that never goes out of fashion.

6. bag on a chain
A woman must necessarily be a small bag that can be put on and cocktail dresses, and jeans.Of course, one would have to placed in it something larger than a lipstick, and that the accessory does not interfere in their hands.An excellent choice would be the case on a chain.This is a very elegant and eternally topical thing.When choosing a bag, you need to pay attention, whether she unfastened strap or chain.If they are removable, it's just wonderful, because then you got a thing "2 in 1" and enough to unfasten the strap and your bag will turn into an elegant clutch.

7. Jacket
Universal thing is considered to be well-fitting jacket fitted.He can make a couple of things from any of your basic wardrobe.If it is combined with a skirt or trousers, it will look elegant and strict, that it will be necessary for the office everyday life.And if you wear it with jeans, get a democratic option for a party or for the weekend.We must choose blazers dark colors, but if you think black conservative, you can pay attention to the actual gray.Buttons should be invisible, so you simplify your life, and you do not have to think to decorate approach to their catchy accessories.

8. Pencil skirt
narrow skirt with a high waist, this thing is quite feminine and glamorous.And compared with lush skirts such as skirt sun, pencil, adjust your silhouette and emphasize, not increase the thigh.Elegant skirt with high heels works wonders - the figure becomes more elegant and visually stretches.The level of the waist, the degree of fit, length is selected depending on the growth and shape.This skirt can be worn with lush feminine blouse can be combined with different jackets and tops.And if you're going to a party, you can add to it an unusual ankle boots and a leather jacket, and then you are guaranteed success.

9. Comfortable boots
quality and comfortable pair of shoes, suitable to most outfits in your wardrobe, it should be in every woman.In this role perfectly suited black high-heeled boots steady.
varnishes skin and leather better get round, because such boots will not be able to serve you for a long time, because they have to wear often.When buying boots, pay attention to the ankle, it should not be very fitting your foot.Choose uncluttered shoes.Fringe, belts, decorative buckle will call for a suitable bag, which can lead to unnecessary grass.

Cardigan Cardigan - is part of the female wardrobe.The best way to look glamorous and still feel comfortable wearing this cardigan.This versatile item to add to your everyday wardrobe.Wear a cardigan with a feminine blouse and jeans.It can be worn over a little black dress and complement noticeable belt.One advantage of cardigan can be worn all year round.It will serve as a wonderful alternative to street clothes in the offseason, and also warm in winter.

11. Black pants
Your basic wardrobe should have at least one black trousers suitable style.This thing will connect your entire wardrobe.You can make them a great number of combinations - for special occasions, for recreation, for work.During fitting turns its attention to the length of the pants.If you wear a stud, the preferred length is the length of the pants to the middle of the heel.

12. Ballerinas
Some designers do not get tired of repeating that a woman should walk in high heels.And orthopedic while protesting and saying that the studs can be worn no more than 3 or 4 hours a day.And the rest of the time you need to put on a graceful ballerina.These cute shoes with a thin and flat shoes are a true classic.And they should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Ballerinas suit any outfit, they are universal, which means that they can be put on and the evening, and everyday outfit.And the leg, which is especially nice, they look neat and tidy.For basic wardrobe can choose leather ballet shoes - brown, beige or black.

Now that we know what should consist of a wardrobe.Forming a basic wardrobe, you need to experiment and fantasize.The base does not mean boring.Instead, you will choose the things that you do not become bored and will you again and again to please.

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