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Vintage style in contemporary fashion

thing with history

term «Vintage» originally emerged among the French wine and he meant the wine long exposure.Now the vintage - is a style of approving the fashion for things with "history."In this case, the ones that were sewn in the XX century, but not later than 80 years.Important note: If you have lying around Grandma's gown, in which she washed the floors, or a suit, in which she went on a potato in his student years, you should know that it is - not vintage!Stylish vintage thing is to be initially exclusive, rare, expensive and reflect the style of the period to which it belongs.For example, this could be an evening dress 50s by the famous fashion designer.Or a fun polka dot summer dress with an unusual collar, which were only in season 1965.This can be a beautician with an unusual inlay.Or the well-preserved bell-bottoms with embroidered hippie and so on.Incidentally, vintage - it's not just clothes.But accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, home furnishings.Moreover, even in cosmetics have

a whole new trend - "vintage make-up" Black "arrow" in the style of the 70s, pale lipstick a la '60s, hair, laid "wave", as was fashionable in the 40-50-x.

fashion for vintage, as usual, started the "stars".At first it was Barbra Streisand, obsessed with dresses and costumes 50s.Then there was the ubiquitous Kate Moss sported fabulous shoes by Vivienne Westwood comes from the 70s.Immediately a hand and Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman and even Madonna.After this vintage in a jiffy "raspolzsya" for wardrobe fashionistas all over the world - and voila!- This is the most "squeak" of modern fashion.

true vintage - these are the things that really made many years ago.They are well preserved, someone to care for them.And then they came to a man who was able to use, such as to adjust them in your wardrobe or home.These things, unless you have got from relatives, are very expensive.

Things "under the vintage" - these are things made in our time, but with the design of antique.Simply put, these are the things retro.They are much cheaper than the real vintage, and therefore more accessible to mere mortals.In addition, they are better adapted to our realities.Also, things are "a vintage" often artificially sostarivayut.This is especially true of jewelry and interior parts, which cover the patina krakelyurnymi paints, creating the effect of cracked surfaces and so on.

Why do people cling to the old things

passion for vintage things so seized the world that psychologists have seriously thought about why, in fact, people "cling" for all this junk?And it is at the present abundance of clothes and furniture!It is believed that this happens because the current pace of life - too fast for the human psyche.Therefore, the person feels lost, are in limbo because of the constant changes, all new "gadgets" and inventions.Striving for stability and connection with his birth, he turns to the past.A man gently holds old photos does not want to throw away your collection of vinyl records, scratching newcomer laminates flaky grandfather chair and wearing a dress that fifty years.No fancy computer, no wardrobe, no cell phone, no serial jeans with tops will not give you the feeling of exclusivity - that's the whole secret of vintage style in a modern fashion.