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What you can choose clothes for the disco

In any of these cases, you need to remember that convenience - the most important attribute of the evening.Do not wear high heels if you just walk in them, do not wear tight or synthetic clothes, becausethere will be hot and you risk to go along with a sauna.

To begin not too lazy to find out what kind of club that you are going to, its style and theme of the evening, ascan get into an awkward situation, coming to the club is not in form.Or they may not be allowed.

dress at all times gave the girl even more femininity and grace, so this article will focus on them in more detail.Species dresses nowadays a huge number, and choose something suitable for yourself can every girl.Long is a dress or a short, close-fitting or baggy - any of them.

dress famous brand or not, you can buy in the store, remeasure dozens or online store, view pictures of girls in it and select only their size, or even sew on a figure for individual orders!

Here are some options for dresses.

cocktail dress fit slim girls, or have

small flaws in the figure.If the dress to choose carefully, you can ensure that it hides all your flaws and emphasize all the advantages.

If you are going to a disco 80-90s or subjects of the Soviet Union, there is no need to split hairs.Feel free to open my mother's closet, where you will find a lot of things that can surprise everyone around trend from his attire 80s.

Bright possibly acid, color, short length, causing cuts, dress, studded with sequins - these dresses for young girls and bold, as to length, again, it will emphasize the beautiful figure only if the girl curvy shape - it's not quitethat dress.

Emphasize a particular part of the body to help curvy deep cuts in the most unexpected places.

dresses will look good in gold and silver.These girls are at ease, showing that they do not care how oin look.Although they look great and attract views of all men.

So, if you decide to wear a dress, you need to take a sober look at yourself and determine what you have is a major strength.After all, someone is a person who has a long legs and gorgeous hair, and someone has magnificent breasts.Well, someone has multiple talents, or simply can apply themselves.It is recommended to make the emphasis on natural talent.

If nature gave you a slender legs from the ears, take advantage of their advantage and vybreete yourself short dress, tunic or skirt - maxi-belt.It is believed that such beauties should not wear jeans "oblipku" with high boots, this is too antisexual.

If you are Mother Nature bestowed magnificent breasts, do not expose it at all parading in their dresses, if competently approach to the selection in the decollete gowns, it will not look vulgar and went not opt ​​for things red.

So, we talked about what can choose clothes for the disco.In addition to choosing clothes you have to, first of all, to choose even shoes.But remember that shoes should not only be convenient.But the approach to your outfit.Shoes or boots it will, and maybe even loafers - you need to think about, and perhaps to try every kind of shoes under your image.But there is nothing better than fine shoes than bulky boots at any time of the year.

Secondly, do not forget about the hair!If you have long luxurious hair, they must be clean.But maybe they will have to somehow be killed, should again appeal to your outfit, loose hair is not always appropriate, eg if you are wearing a dress with an open back, hair, hide all the juicy cutout.Not bad when the hairstyle looks at ease and so that you have spent on it a little time.But you can also play with the color, if you have red hair.Choose her clothes green or burgundy color, if you are a blonde, black suit, gold color, but if you're brunette - choose any bright color.

Third, make-up!This is an important factor that can attract or repel, or partner.The most important thing - it's the eyes, but it is necessary to consider not only the skill of the imposition of makeup, but also writing it in a holistic way!If you wear flashy, bright makeup that will only aggravate your image.And if on the contrary, a simple one-color dress, but perhaps spectacular, you can afford a bold evening makeup.For example, the shadows of pearl shades of, well, self-gloss on the lips.

And finally, the decorations.They also need to enter in your way, or even to determine what they will be out of place, and give them up.This can be massive necklace and earrings, bracelets, or plastic, or even subtle rings, kulonchiki, bracelets, earrings.But all this is a matter of taste each individual girl.

If you do not want to wear a dress, you can choose skirts, mini skirts and a nice blouse or jacket, as well as leggings + tunic, shorts + T-shirt.There is another option, but in this form is not allowed in all the clubs.Or pants or jeans "oblipku" blouse / shirt with the words, running shoes, but remember that the shoes - a sporty style, but comfortable.

There is another little secret, which is present in almost every club.Try to choose clothes with elements of white, it may be a sign, or some paste.The fact that the club has a neon lamp, the light of which the white clothes very beautiful lights, attracting the attention.The only thing not advise to dress entirely in white, and you will look radiant lamp bluish tint.

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