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What clothing is suitable for horse riding

first question for those who wish to do dressage, horse riding, hunting, riding - what clothes suitable for horseback riding. talk about it?

Clothing riding - it's always a special style.A racetrack - is not the podium?First of all - it's not just a fad, it's a top practicality, sophistication, elegance.

From the very beginning of the history of riding to choose clothes, showing her demands maximum practicality and convenience.These requirements have been in all ages and among all peoples and are the main criteria to date.The suit is designed for the rider or rider, in no way should restrict movement, engage the gear for the horse and the surrounding objects, causing inconvenience to the rider and the horse.In addition, the rider should wear sturdy, warm, non-marking.

Horse Riding, idle, and even more so during the hunt, since ancient times was considered a privilege of the rich.The aristocratic tradition, when a representative of high society would have to possess the skills of riding, still exis

t.Most of her honor in England.This activity was to taste even the royals.

Fashion for horseback riding, came from ancient times, as well as the widespread development of equestrian sport not only defined strict rules, but also a kind of dress code clothing.

suit designed to idle several conservative riding.The style in which it is made, can be considered a sign of aristocracy, wealth generic.A woman in a suit looks very elegant and refined.The narrow, emphasizing the shape breeches, tall boots were beautifully depict the line of the legs, chest and waist-esteem emphasize fitted frock coat or waistcoat.The white gloves, his hands are doing visually elegant, while the presence of the whip gives the image of inaccessibility shade and coolness.What is not a true English lady?Clothing should not only be comfortable and stress the dignity of the figure, but also be able to hide flaws, if any.For example, the scarf will protect you from unwanted gaze problematic neck floors and elongated jacket can hide ugly shape thighs.

Such an interesting ensemble could not attract the attention of designers.Designers began to use elements of the clothes horse to create models for everyday life, and not only.So now the question of what kind of clothes suitable for horseback riding can be solved very simply.

for "horse" is relevant right kind of style shoes.Riders use high boots with a small heel height of not more than 2-3 cm, with a smooth sole and narrow toe.This form is dictated by necessity.After leg should easily get into the stirrup, without getting stuck in it.High boots were rescued rider's legs from rubbing putilischem on which hangs the stirrup.Indispensable attribute of boots - the Spurs.They not only add charm but also serve as an additional control the horse.Modern sports spurs quite elegant and do not cause pain to an animal.Gone are the days when the animal is exposed to huge knightly spurs.Designers have come up with for riders Boots "Cossacks", which were in the course of a good half of the women of our country in the narrow-minded 90-ies of the last century.Some women like to wear this footwear today.

particular we will talk about hats rider.Their main purpose - the protection of the head against shocks, including a fall.This is especially true in aggressive forms of equestrian sport, for example, jumps, jumping, polo, steeple-cheze.The most convenient headgear for equestrian sports athletes - it zhokeyka having small hard visor and strap navrode helmets.Some extravagant ladies prefer to wear in everyday life caps, fashioned in the manner of zhokeyki, instead of the usual caps, too, in their opinion, "kozyrkastyh."Participants - aristocratic hunting, "horse ballet" (roundabout), secular idle dressage prefer as a headdress low cylinders with a high crown, protecting the fall or pots made of velvet.Designers also seized on the garment and are often used to create a new image, although less frequently than bridges.

now say a word about the bridge.These peculiar cropped trousers England gave the world.The model was designed specifically for riding.After all, before the designers were challenged to come up with these pants, which would have sufficient elasticity, do not interfere with high lift up his feet and at the same time "is not cracked," would at the seams, and are not going to uncomfortable and unattractive creases on his knees, seat and leg section.Pants should have evolved thick internal seams, especially on the inside of the thighs, i.e. should be as nice and comfortable.Created in England version of bryuchek is a model free from the top and bottom of tightness.Breeches are made of an elastic material light in color, profitable emphasize women's legs.Well, he prefers the far West?In America, since the "Wild West" riders prefer jeans.Jeans and breeches perfect fit and a camisole, and a cowboy shirt.But the version of the trousers - breeches less fortunate.This visually ponderous clothing that combines only with heavy boots, shoulder strap, holster, a thick belt and tunic.

England gave the riders not only bridges, and frock coat, which is a cross between a coat and jacket.But France made happy lovers riding - esklavinom men, like coats.Riders can choose a other variants of outer clothing - suit, jacket, shirt, jacket.They have slits on the sides, and sometimes the back and allowed to extend the range of motion."Back" is the French section of coat "zhyustokor", which was created again for riding.

Yet modern ladies suit rider made male likeness and image.Rider wanting to look your best, often to create an image using various accessories.For suit the rider must not only practical and convenient.This, however, he gives the woman the right to stand as much as possible and to emphasize their grace.

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