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What clothing is suitable for women of small stature?

And if a girl is less than 165 cm, it is under this ill-starred standard, of course, does not fit.So what do the low girls who are not less than high, they want to be stylish and well dressed?How to turn with the help of growth in their clothing and dignity flavor and what clothes suitable for women of small stature?Let's try to give a couple of recommendations, and initiate you into some tricks that I hope someone can help.

Fashion miniature reading theory of visual illusions

Every woman surely wants to look decent, fashionable and modern.And it does not matter it is the growth model or a miniature Thumbelina, a desire to look chic, battling surrounding the spot - is inherent in the absolute majority of women.It is important to not get round one small but very important detail: what is right for tall girl in a little will look at times not quite appropriate and correctly - do not forget this when choosing clothes.

Our visual perception characteristic of the following things: a person's vision is

able to perceive and evaluate the size of objects on the relation to the other, near the location, subjects.They do this, that two things are exactly the same, depending on the environment can be perceived quite differently.This so-called theory of visual illusions projected onto the human figure.So, thanks to this theory, international designers to learn to create fashion for smaller girls.

Fashion miniature: Learning proportioning

to look decent, petite women should remember that the head is a short man seems much larger than it actually is.Therefore, if you are a happy owner of a miniature growth, you'd better give preference to short-haired or smooth rectified hairstyles, no extra volume color Ala Bichon (first of all, it is not fashionable, and second, you absolutely contraindicated)!

As low fashionable women should abandon the huge hats or hats with a slouch, subtract it from your, already short, a couple of centimeters cherished.Pay attention to the dense, high hats sitting - it will help you a little stretch.

postulates fashion fragile lady also dictate the length of your skirt should strictly conform to the proportions of your figure.

To find your ideal length skirt, particularly suitable to you, you should arm themselves with unnecessary piece of cloth, and try to make his own layout skirt.

Go ahead jump into your layout.And then pin up the hem of her skirt with a pin at different heights, selecting the optimum length.It may seem strange to you, but it was such a simple way and is determined by your ideal length.Stay one that, in your opinion, most clearly demonstrates your strengths.Connoisseurs fashion tirelessly repeated that the hem of the skirt should end on the most beautiful part of your foot.

Fashion miniature: sharing "golden" rules

Before share tips on what clothing is suitable for women of small stature, it should be noted at the outset some mandatory requirements dictated by fashion:

1. Your clothes should be perfectly "sit»

2. necessarily fit in color

3. style clothing chosen should be ideal for your particular type of figure.

For girls miniature growth, there is another important requirement - your clothes are simply obliged to assist the visually uplift you, increasing growth.Based on the above, take a mental note the following rules, of course, if you are low:

1. Avoid wide skirts to the ankles, as well as skirts with elegant length to mid-calf.It is absolutely contraindicated for women of small stature.

2. Choose clothes with the image of vertical stripes, lines, patterns - is visually you pull.

3. it is best to give preference to clothes with a slightly understated waistline

4. Remember, no extra volume!Should prevail rectangular silhouette.Massive decorations on the neck should also be avoided - it is heavier image.Better to choose various long beads, chains, strings of pearls - the vertical lines will help you not only visually made above, but also to become a little thinner in the eyes of others.

5. Your shoes must necessarily have a heel (the higher the better, because you can afford it).Summer open shoes or sandals with thin, high heels make you air - do not deny yourself in flight, soaring!

6. make a slightly longer legs help feminine dresses with an empire line.In conjunction with the above-indicated shoes you'll be the queen!

7. Also note: you do not have to chase fashion, it is better to choose one that suits you specifically

in vogue for owners of low growth, there is another unwritten rule: the fragile girl in any case should not be put on a long Attributesclothes.Such things visually deprive you of the legs, and others give reason to think that you could not find their size and buy clothes two sizes larger.

clearly not in your favor will play such items of clothing as a frill collar, huge, massive buttons or pockets.Preferring the stand-up collar.V-neck is also able to make you a little higher.

appropriate to competently use a wide belt at the waist.It also makes a more elongated silhouette.However, it should be noted that following this advice can only girl that can boast of having a slim figure.

Finally, learn to pick things up so that they are in harmony with each other.

Whatever your height, every girl, observing simple rules, can look decent, causing admiring glances.

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