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How to change the image and choose the best?

Eight reasons for which you need to change the image
not always possible to change the image that once and forever.After all, over the life-changing fashion, the relevance of the image and then changes the image itself.If this does not happen, the man, as if frozen in the same manner, and this image has been working to the detriment of its owner.
1. The change of social status: found a new prestigious job, got a nice boost up the career ladder, married tycoon and so on.
2. When changed your desires and views, and you feel that you have "grown up" from the previous image.
3. your appearance lets you advance in employment and career success unfairly "bypasses" you.
4. Recently persons of the opposite sex stopped paying attention to you.
5. Increasingly, people around you say that you it's time to grow up.
6. If you are in love with a man who wears a different style than what you and you want to conquer.
7. When you feel "at ease" because others look better than you.
8. you want to start a new life, and you all tired.

What will change?There is a notion
style.The style - it is a combination of make-up, clothes, accessories and hairstyles.Styles are different: glamorous, classic, sports, business and so on.It is to change something in yourself to go for consultation to the image-makers?And who will ensure that a real image-maker, not a barber who wants to earn extra money, and calls himself a specialist in image?

simple guidelines:
that you are not satisfied, and you decide to change something in their lives.Imagine a diamond harmony, his four equal faces on each side of the rhombus is the inscription.On the first face - body on the brink of a second - it.On the third face - contact, and on the fourth side - a fantasy, personal development.All this is a part of our lives.The body, that's how much time we put into life your body.It massages, gyms, saunas, and so on.The point is how much time we devote to business, work, meetings with business partners in the business.Contact - how much time we give to relatives, friends and loved ones.Fantasy and personal development, it is a dream, life planning, reading interesting books, course attendance.When we pay the same amount of their time over the rhombus faces, then we get a complete harmony in life.

2. self-respect and self-esteem.If the understated self-confidence, you will not get a good image.Self-assessment should be normal.This is when their own actions coincide with the fact that you are waiting.If a person is active, he expects from himself more than he can do really.These people set unrealistic deadlines that must reach some goals and get frustrated when you do not get what you want.We need to really look at life for themselves and to put real achievements.

3. Return to themselves, to their natural appearance, do not need to become brunettes platinum blonde, is not very nice impression.Hair color is better closer to your natural tone.After all, you can not argue with nature, it is better to know what colors you need to fill your skin, eyes and hair.You only have to listen to it, and you only benefit from this.

How can I decide to change the image?
Every woman has their way.Someone sticks a classic image of someone supporter of the image of women - the vamp.Over time, there is a female image.It becomes an integral part of her life, work enough years, associated with the image, what hairstyle she orders a hairdresser, public places makeup colors, which wears a woman looks.Of course, the stability is good, but sometimes you want a to change something, to find a new image, try on a different way.This would be easy, but you need to decide on it.

Often it happens that some event forces us to change.This could be the birth of a child, dismissal, separation from a loved one.Any event in life changes the usual order of things, it becomes a springboard to rush to find a new and suitable image.

reflection in the mirror may help to decide to change the image.Women just need to look closely in the mirror, and she noticed that she had no light in the eyes, flush less visible, no smile on his face.Just when a woman sees a pattern, it is necessary to think about what to do in order to fully change.

can force yourself to smile, to brighten-up, but not all of these measures will help to resolve the situation.But then it will be easier for women to change their image, because changing the image may occur any changes in your life, and it will all be in vain.When a woman changes in appearance, it also changes internally.After all, change the image, then it becomes an interesting, new, not only for others but for themselves.

There are many stories where women met and changed the image of a new half, took on personal happiness and at the same time were very happy because they departed from the previous image.Often enough to change her hairstyle and face of a woman will play in a new way, her cheeks covered with crimson eyes shine.But that it happened, you need to choose for themselves professionals who fit expertly to a change of image.

woman needs to understand in order to change the image, you need to consider a new way.To solve this problem, professionals must meet a couple of times with her client, to know her options.And then they will draw the image that is most suitable for this particular woman.Pros can consider them and it is quite capable, several options for the image of the lady, and the image that the client will like it, will be realized.

When a woman is defined with the image of the future, you need to start working on them.It should go to the salon to change her hairstyle.To one image may suit different hairstyles and haircuts.And here it is necessary to choose a good option that should be selected based on the condition of the skin, the height of the forehead, ear shape, type faces.Here it is necessary to call for help professional stylists, hairdressers, then to not be disappointed in the results obtained.

Start change image - a change of hairstyle.Once your head will decorate a new haircut, you need to use the services of a makeup artist.The makeup, to which you have become accustomed is unlikely to match this new image.So, a woman needs to do make-up, a little different.Professional make-up artist can teach a woman for a couple of hours, the basic techniques of how to impose the new make-up.We need to practice and learn how to apply the appropriate make-up on the face.

often stylists and makeup artists are, and hairdressers in one person.Find such a specialist in the fashion and style of a huge success.Importantly, it will help save money, then in such a professional way will new and harmonious whole.After all he can think about every little thing and will not miss anything from an element of the new image.

After head will fit your new image, you need to start working with the rest of the body.Women are most like the change of the image.After all, they have to make a fascinating and long shopping trips.They will look for new sets of clothes for a wardrobe.After all, the clothes should fit physique and a new image.Every thing must be like women, emphasizing the dignity and hide flaws, and thus must be compatible with other items of clothing.And here without the help of professionals can not do, unfortunately, to give an objective assessment of the subject's wardrobe, does not always work for women.

Do not forget about the new shoes.You must purchase a pair of shoes, boots, depending on the time of year.Old shoes will not fit with the new style and fashion and elegant lady is simply unacceptable.In addition to shoes and clothes to the need to purchase any additional accessories such as barrettes, jewelry, scarves, belts.They complement the image and make it malleable and alive.

When you change your hairstyle, put on new shoes and a new dress, a new applied makeup, that's when you can safely look at his reflection.And it will not only shine, but will glow joyful, pleasant light, which will want to enjoy again and again.A woman who decided to change her wardrobe, it means she has decided to live a new life.A rare woman seeing herself in the mirror a new, wants to stay the same.On the contrary, it is constantly changing, so she has a feeling of a pleasant change.

Now we know how to change the image and choose the best.We hope that these tips will allow you to look at themselves in a new way and help change its image a bit.With this change and other changes will come in life, and you will soon see for yourself this.

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