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How to choose winter gloves?

Gloves differ not only in color but in texture.And in the decoration design imagination has no boundaries.About the gloves as an accessory can say basic, and I think everyone knows the rule: Gloves should be suitable in color and style to a handbag, in harmony with the shoes or the color is completely different from the coat.More focus on the choice of textures and nuances.Gloves come in several forms: a standard length (just above the wrist), shortened (to hand), an evening option - up to the elbow or shoulder, fingerless gloves (with fingers cut off).


The best material when choosing a winter glove was considered and is considered the skin.Mainly used sheep's skin, it is more friable and soft.But for those who do not skimp there Lycra.It is made from the skin newborn lambs, besides a special dressing gives it an extraordinary elasticity.Only Lycra and needs attention.You should not wear it in the rain!If gloves become wet, then dry them so that they are not lost, the form will not be eas

y.When selecting

glove leather pay attention to the density and smoothness, they should be identical.As the material is colored throughout the thickness, or gloves may shed.Another "but": to distinguish genuine leather from a fake.Some companies are so well learned to imitate natural leather, even sometimes sellers are not aware that they are selling.For a detailed study, unscrew gloves, becauseunderside has not yet learned to forge.


Winter Gloves suede is not only functional, but also beautiful elegant thing.When buying pay attention to the pile, which should be velvety and almost imperceptible.The material should be uniformly colored and have no bald patches.The poor-quality texture pile more fluffy and can then be collected in pellets.

Knitted gloves

These gloves less elegant, but in their warm and cozy.Yes, and they are much cheaper.Pick them in color and texture to a knit cap and scarf, and get a great set.Knitted gloves can be made from natural materials, and with the addition of synthetic.The first is better warm, but quickly stretched.I note also that the lovers of long nails, they likely will not fit.Since nails can quickly break through the cloth.


Recently popular gloves, like the fair sex, and designers.They are not as convenient as gloves, but it is ideal for walking.After you have collected the fingers together and certainly not freeze.Mitten - an indispensable option with extreme cold.


If you choose winter gloves, always pay attention to the lining.It is usually made of knitted wool and flannel.It is believed that it is better to buy gloves with natural lining and a small addition of synthetics in it.Then it will absorb moisture and breathable, without stretches and gather in the folds.It should examine the seams, because if they are too thick and not flat, then you simply natrut hand.All items must be tailored accordingly detail gloves.Sometimes doing a fur lining, in this case, make sure that the fur was trimmed smoothly.Yet should give some more general for all kinds of gloves recommendations to be followed when buying:

• do not buy gloves without trying, even if you know your size.After all, they tailor to the same standard, but the hands are different;

• compete several models of the same size as the gloves you have to sit gently on the arm, like a glove, without wrinkles and folds;

• not buy gloves with the hope that they sit down or stretch;

• Do not give your choice of gloves made from pieces of skin.Good gloves kroyatsya counting ductility of the skin, so that it can encircle, with pieces such will not work;

• If gloves are not backing up, rub them on the inside with a handkerchief.If it is soiled, then hands after wear this accessory will be the same;

• selecting length gloves, guided by the long sleeves top winter clothing.Between him and the gloves should not be a gap;

• Gloves can be a furry.Then remember that you should not wear such gloves with a fur coat or a coat, the sleeves are also trimmed with fur.

Now the winter cold, we are armed with useful information.And we know how to choose winter gloves "advanced" lady.

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