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How to find your style of dress?

But not all of us have this gift from birth, but it does not mean anything.To look awesome and tasteful dress, all this can be learned.In the locker room you hang only one black dress, and if not, then it is necessary to buy.Any woman in a dress looks elegant and feminine.

Black dress appeared in vogue since 1925, when a car accident killed the groom Chanel - Boy Capel.And although they were not married, Chanel could not mourn, she came up with her dress and found a way out.It was a black crepe de chine, it was completely decorated with decorative embroidery.The dress was very simple, its length is covered only part of the knee, there was nothing superfluous, but it was at the same time elegant.

And since 1927, all the Parisian beauties tried to buy the same black dress, like Chanel.Since then, the black color only ceased to be mourning.The second time, the fashion for black dress broke out after the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and it is currently in vogue.

Chanel to her black dress has establis

hed its rules of wearing dresses:

  • dress length should reach the middle of the knee
  • simple dress can not be burdened with anything, there should not be any decor
  • should be a clear emphasis on the waist cut
  • Ideally little sleeveless dress, but if it is with sleeves, they should be narrow and without decor
  • will look good this dress, if it is supplemented with black stockings
  • shoes can wear pumps or heels, you need only your fingers were closed
  • handbag should be a small
  • moderate amount of accessories.


to your wardrobe was economical and rational, you need to spend a lot of money.To save on clothing, things you need to replenish a wardrobe "essentials."Included, therefore, must be things that go well together and with each other, and c other things that you need to buy.When the foundation of things, then you will not be any question of "what I wear."

Let us examine the details of our wardrobe

  • blouse, like a man's shirt,
  • straight skirt or a pencil skirt,
  • pants,
  • classic jacket,
  • jumper,
  • cardigan.

now half done, and if you already have such a framework, it is not difficult to look in a new way every day, refreshing new purchases.And those are things that are out of fashion, they can be given a new breath, with the help of new decor and accessories, complementing thus your ensemble.Only it is necessary to adhere to the rules of combining small newly purchased things from old things.It is not difficult to conclude, to get rational wardrobe, you need to invest in the foundation, and then to the shopping can be a decent save.

When purchasing clothing to think not only about fashion.Do not forget that the sporty style, passionate mini causing cleavage able turn a woman, but it must be, above all, the one who she really is - a woman.Do not save money on something to get the perfect black dress, do not miss an opportunity to show people that you are a true woman.

How to create your style of dress?

once asked this question a lot of students, future sociologists.And the survey found that in mostly girls aged 18 to 22 years old, wanted to be fashionable.But those young women whose age was between 25 and 30 years, were told that they want to be stylish.And those answers are clear to us.

It's not a secret that, if properly selected individual style, then over time it will become an assistant in his personal life and career.Stylish is the one person who combines aspects of appearance and his inner world.With clothes and accessories he skillfully hides the flaws and emphasizes its advantages.

Style is a way in which the idea is defined, everything else makes this idea become a reality.Clothing component of the image of a stylish man.

How to find your style?

First of all, pay attention to how many famous women have created their own style.The famous actress Audrey Hepburn for many years was a role model for her women were equal in different countries.This woman had everything perfectly - clothes, walk, look and figure.Experts mention is Audrey Hepburn, because she created her own style.A similar example to create style - Madonna.It can cause a complete negative or delight, but it can not be accused of lack of style.On the pages of magazines and CDs you can see beautiful pictures depicting the singer who attracted attention.For examples of these women can understand that is their style.

to choose their own style of dress, you need to take into account the desires, tastes, lifestyle and habits.If a woman does not like the restrictions around, relaxed, leads an active life, she will not look in clothes for glamorous ladies and aristocratic.

young woman who appreciates art and sense of beauty will not be harmonious in torn jeans, shirt and cowboy hat.Now in vogue vintage and bohemian style.But the modern fashion allows a woman to choose a style that is suitable to its appearance.No need to blindly imitate celebrities, it will not improve your appearance, but only to look funny.

You can copy the entire style of Renata Litvinova, but no one can become it.And the girl who copy her style, but it is to say rude and ignorant phrase, will look pathetic parody of celebrity.

Find your own style of dress, and then experiment on their way.Do not think that if you once choose your style, you will forever be held hostage.In ordinary life, you can search for, change images, play.It will be interesting to change the appearance of the evening business woman in the shape of a frivolous coquette, or a fatal beauty.This image can be changed with the help of make-up and clothes.This will help to disconnect from the cases and should be seen as a game.

What styles of dress best

matter, intelligent woman relies on a classic style.Classic goes out of fashion, and this is convenient.It offers a variety of proven solutions that are always destined to succeed.This classic shoes, dress in the style of "Coco Chanel", perfect makeup and hairstyle, intelligent manner, it allows all look great in any situation.

Someone chooses romanticism and femininity, someone like ethnic style, and someone - hippie style.All this may be permitted to choose only need that like most.Today, there are people who love the freedom of expression, they choose the style is the style.They are representatives of the youth, they are choosing things that if descended from the paintings of the past.

Sports style, for a means comfort and ease.This style does not have to spend time on the front make-up to make complex installation.

Women's clothing

choose your style of dress, you need to learn to offer fashion for this style.Pick up the little things: jewelry, shoes, handbags, underwear and so on.

there are rules that help you in this

in their clothes do not use color combinations that are similar in color.Do not wear blue with purple, or blue.

Try to keep your accessories suited to the style and not only match the color of clothing.For sports together is ridiculous to wear diamond earrings.

Fashion should not drown out your personality.It is necessary to follow the fashion, rather than copy her fashion designs.

Most critically evaluate themselves.Do not focus on that, if you currently are not all turns out.Behave as if you are perfection itself.The main thing is to believe in it, and the error can be corrected in the next time.

If you can not find your style, try to use the services of image maker.You, together with experts will make a wardrobe in old things new life inhales, will pick up things that will help using shapes and colors, adjusting the figure - handbags, sunglasses, hats and accessories.The specialist will teach you how to apply makeup properly, will choose the form of a hairstyle, hair color and pick up.This is a big deal the help of professionals.But if you can not turn to professionals, then experiment and learn, and you will succeed.In addition, the men mostly do not understand fashion and did not distinguish the difference in styles.They like a woman to be mysterious and sexy.

Steps to choosing the style

What is the style is the ability to include fashion items, jewelry, accessories, choose those that would fit your figure, interests, habits, lifestyle and appearance.Style - this is when the fashion and accessories by time of year, to each other, the venue of an event, the event in which you are, nature, your appearance, mood.Each person should have its own style, and hard work to find it.

Find your style

Analyze desire

first determine how you want to look: elegant, sexy, playful, eccentric, elegant and strict.Also think about how would not want to look.

  1. colors.Determine tsvetotip their appearance.And depending on the type of exterior colors pick up clothes.Find the best color combinations in clothing.
  2. Analyze figure.Determine the type of the figure, note the advantages and disadvantages of your figure.Pay attention to your hips, waist, height.Consider how you can visually correct shape.It is useful to you in the choice of textures and patterns of materials, in the selection of the cut and style of clothing.
  3. analysis of your environment.Analyze your environment, your lifestyle, goals that are pursuing and convenience for you.Look like dress up your friends, colleagues, people in clubs in cafes, restaurants that you visit.It will tell you how to proceed.
  4. analysis of fashion trends.To be stylish, it is impossible not to watch the fashion and not follow her.Style fashion complements.You can not hurt to analyze trends.
  5. Analyze description clothing styles.When carried out the analysis of fashion trends, your surroundings, and appearance of your desires, you can proceed to the analysis of styles and choice of styles that come to an individual image.Read carefully about every style, look illustrations of styles.And for yourself, select the style that corresponds to the conclusions that are derived by the results of the preliminary analysis.If you have difficulty in choosing the style, refer to the professionals for help.

Now we know how to find their own style of clothing.

The simplest rule which allows you to find in the closet, that can be worn - the contents of the wardrobe should be determined by your lifestyle and fashion.By creating his own style, and want to invent something new, and yet no one has seen before.Your ability to find a balance between his personality and fashion trends and is drawing up its own unique style and image.

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