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She often changes the images

man loves a girl in general, but still responds to one of the channels of perception.If it shudder from the smell of her body - then it will be easier to change the image.But if most of all involved the visual channel - that if she often changes, the relationship is in danger.

Age changes

Year after year, we are not only wise, but also, unfortunately, over.Small wrinkles around the eyes, not too perfect knees after winter "hanging ice dams" - all want to hide.A return "to reveal" something else.Make a bright make-up or paint hair in a red or less bright, with a tempting title "noble burgundy."Change the image as a whole.

but returns all the same home!However, nobody can in one trip to the hairdresser or beauty salon to change internally.And unless you are a supporter of permanent fundamental changes, your man certainly understand that inside you is the same.If so it will be - his honor and praise.If not - why would you "alien" to the planet Mars, which prepares you to understand and accept?

exception, perhaps, it is only a cardinal plastic surgery.Choose from "peach" to do "little melons," or "change the face"?Try now you understand her husband.He - the witness and perhaps the reason the little wrinkles on your forehead, the charming dimples in the corners of his mouth ... Perhaps his memory, because he'll appreciate it for that, and it is not ready to see unsmiling "goggle-eyed fish" or second PamelaAnderson in the house ...

Social Change

Sometimes she often changes because of the social changes.Another status dictates a different style.Moms and successful business woman and secretary in the office dress up differently.The first is permissible to be "home", while the latter are forced to make severe hairstyle and look stylish and strictly - otherwise subordinate spilled, and all efforts will go down the drain.

But when girls often change, this can be dangerous.For us and loved, and the captains, and the dear customers expect stability.Each change of the image - is an additional thrill for them, which can affect the career, and relationships.

You may want to stay "bitch for an hour," or to try the image of a wealthy lady socialite ... But the image never substitute real inner sense of self.Chances are, if you feel an inner dissatisfaction with their social status, it is necessary to work hard with a psychologist.

Why do you want to be different?

We are changing hairstyles and clothes, style and image - especially when we are ill, seriously, I want to unwind and stop thinking about sad things.Not always these changes to face us, and awakening from melancholy not want to immediately "all back."

Yet we have to take into account the opinion of a man who is next.It is incomparably harder if he is accustomed to see next redhead Laughs, and suddenly instead of his beloved arises sultry brunette.

worthy replacement

seems, even in dark moments of despair, do not just run to the stylist.It is necessary to look for other ways of expressing themselves and distraction from the painful thoughts.It could be creative (even if in addition you these paintings in the style of "string art" are not wanted).

Poetry and prose - some so gain fame, and sometimes - and a major source of income.Cooking - at least your family will be happy.

traveling even within your home town and its suburbs - fresh air and youth, walks and healthy complexion - is almost synonymous.

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