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How to dress the most stylish woman?

Many ladies have repeatedly asked ourselves: "Dress as the most stylish woman"?Certainly, the age in which you live, affects the means of expression, but the extent to which it is connected with fashion?

era of "crisis" has not given rise to some new style, it only made to reflect on the theme of practicality and thrift.

colors.Preference is given to neutral colors: black, all shades of gray and white.In it there is an undeniable plus - listed color blends perfectly with each other and with any other color, which you wish to complete your outfit.The most stylish women know this rule and always use it.

Silhouette clothes should always be profitable to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws.Mostly people originally came up with the dress you like, and for this reason.Those ladies who consider themselves to category - stylish woman, never fear reflection in the mirror.This means that not having the most beautiful legs, while in "Balzacian" age should not wear "mini."It is best to remembe

r that there is a long "midi" and "Max".Short skirts and dresses should not be worn, and young girls who want to dress up in the "street fashion".Excellent hides all flaws figures "embossed tuck" and dress free silhouette.It is important to feel comfortable in any outfit.In this case, a woman caught looking at him admiration.An indicator of bad taste can serve amazement in his eyes sent elegantly dressed man.

Accessories and jewelry tell how to dress the most stylish woman without unnecessary sentimentality.The size and decoration material, which is chosen lady is always set.You are statuesque special?In this case can a strict jacket lapel pin brooch bright pretty decent size.In support to the selected brooches shoes should be classic steady heel and possible ring.Not necessarily wear rubies, sapphires and diamonds.In Russia, beautifully made jewelry made of semiprecious gems, democratic in price and exquisite design.The point is to remember and amber.Even authors handmade jewelry can be considerably beneficial and spice up your suit.It is important to know when to stop around.Young women can afford jewelry inherited from grandmothers even inherited.Firstly, the "vintage" fashion, and secondly, of the old masters distinguishes any frills.

shoes - the same accessory, like jewelry.No one disputes that the "platform" of the seventies is very stable.But in this case you have to dress and to choose style "disco", that does not always produce a sense of comfort.Therefore it is logical to choose "shoes - pumps," they will go perfectly with any style of dress.Always relevant moccasins made of genuine leather - easily, reliably and very stylish.This shoe looks perfect with a suit in the style of "folk" and "country", which is also important.Boots are usually picked under his coat, park, fur coat.Actual classic and practicality.It is illogical to purchase boots with fashionable "rivets", lacing, fabulous heels.It is better to pay attention to the material from which the sewn shoes.Prefer natural leather, it is more practical and durable.The choice of shoes is possible and pay attention to the brand, do not be greedy for "company" because a miser pays twice.

stylish bags to pick up due to the shoes and suit the ensemble as a whole.It makes no sense to buy "Bag - sack", if your dress is not in the style of "hippies".Fashion Accessory Bag - "clutch" is relevant to an evening together to exit the theater.Suitable for a classic suit worker who provided the dress code of your firm.But in combination with the package - "Mike" specified accessory put bold cross on your endeavors to look elegant.Try to choose a few bags that would fit perfectly to your clothes and shoes in general.

Makeup - a special chapter in the article about the style.Bad taste in the whole civilized world is, if you make up in the morning, as a masquerade.Defiantly much makeup can afford only model that five minutes should go to the podium.And it will make-up artist to paint in this case.Morning requires a minimum of cosmetics: concealer to help hide skin imperfections, a little powder to remove shine.Emphasize the shape of the eyes and make them more expressive help contour pencil and mascara.For the publication does not make sense to choose the shade of the color of his eyes.Shadows should be in harmony with your suit, or accessories.Do not forget the eyebrows.Eyebrows should have the right natural form.That is, it is not necessary to paint them with paint, pull out a thread, you just need to remove excess hair, preventing taken clear shape.

Manicure should be considered as part of your overall appearance.It does not make sense to do something bright and catchy.The presence of bright red lipstick on the lips or the extent to which you should not push to manicure the same shade.The main rule - well-groomed hands.This means that just once a week to do the procedure or in the nail salon, or at home.Luck is better to put the colorless.In this case, you do not have to think about whether it is suitable for clothes by color.Watch out for the length of the nail.If one broke a fingernail, then you need to cut everything.

Where dress the most stylish ladies?It is not necessary to go to the "boutique".To purchase stylish things, there are shops.There is an option chain stores "haute couture" from the factories where sew clothes a certain fashion house - branded.Only this version of the roads in all senses.Fashion hits are always very costly.But given that we are talking about the style, it is possible in a store to see patterns that moved into department "utsenёnnyh."It is for fashion, they are irrelevant, and for style, most likely at the time.In addition, the price is becoming acceptable, but the quality remains the same.It makes sense to just go shopping and choose a more stylish option top dresses in neutral colors, accessories acquiring them as scarves, jewelry, shoes, to be able to make available different sets of things.This saves a considerable amount of money.Dress can be stylish even on the clothing market.The only negative - the lack of proper quality.And the appearance of the product is sometimes no different from the "firm."Secret no.Just these things sewn on the patterns with branded clothing.There is another option - to sew yourself.It is completely justified if you have a good sewing machines and a great experience.

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