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The image of the modern business woman

- neat.Clothing, in particular, should be free of puffs and pellets, ironed and pale and neat and clean.The hair should be collected in a neat haircut, it will emphasize high level of organization of women.On your computer, look at how you can pick and choose the appropriate hairstyle makeover.If you use own photos, then it will be possible to evaluate myself.

- Restrained and calm makeup, everything should be in tone, powder, respectively.Perfume should not be sharp, woody odors are preferred.

- Hands should be well-groomed, manicured nails are not long and medium length.Better color pale pink nail polish or a French manicure.

- Shoes should be of good quality and clean.In the office, you need to use the change of shoes - it's the classic black stiletto heels with taps that must not be in need of urgent replacement.From sandals should be discarded in the office, they seem to indicate your levity.Tights necessarily need to wear, even if outside the summer and very hot, no clues and puffs, skin color.

Each business woman, self-respecting should carry in a purse or in the office to keep an extra pair of stockings, just in case.

Costumes need to choose natural fabrics, emphasized business style is considered to be white and black colors.When put on a dress or skirt should avoid extremes - maxi and mini.Do not wear plunging necklines and translucent blouses.

accessories, clothes and everything you carry must be of good quality.See to it that if you get branded items, they must be so.There can be nothing worse than a fake Dolce & amp; Gabbana, which can be determined by not properly made on the bag label brand.

Ideal order in documents and on the desk, business accessories are part of the image.In good condition and quality should be - diaries, folders, business card holders, covers for documents, pens Parker, who speak of a certain status of the owner.A cheap stationery talk about low self-esteem and negligence of their owner.It is not necessary that your mobile phone was the latest model, but should look like the phone as if he had just bought yesterday, and to be free of scratches and scuffs.

Ornaments You must be small, or they should be barely noticeable, then it will add elegance to you.You can choose contrasting elements - an umbrella-cane, scarf, bag, or you can focus on the original part.But do not forget about the sense of measures, from jewelry to give desirable.

Still, in relation to a business woman remained some incredulity.And the modern business women should treat all this as a stimulus to show professionalism, not to make mistake, that there was no chance to question you have around you.By the number of elegant business women Russia goes to world leaders.

Clothing business woman
Business suit shows education, knowledge of business etiquette, taste and financial possibilities of the business woman.A woman who is engaged in business, must know the rules, you need to make certain sacrifices in vogue.For thirty years, it remains unchanged silhouette female business suit, dress himself undergoing cosmetic adjustments.These days, the classic style allows a combination with other styles.The cut of the jacket free, slightly pritalen, everything else is strictly regulated.Jacket can be single-breasted or double-breasted, above, below, to the hips.Buttons, covered with leather, fabric or real bone.Must be the same color with the color of the suit.The clasp should be internal.Shoulder slightly elevated and expanded.

skirt should encircle the hip, the back no more than 10 cm, straight, narrowed down.Skirt length should be up to the middle of the knee, but at the same time it can be a little lower and a little above the knee.Up to mid-calf skirt so good for those who have problems with their feet.The skirt is excluded silver and gold straps on the skirt.But leather straps handmade with logo-known firms, on the contrary are welcome.Classic cut in trousers - narrowed down slightly.

to competently select a female business suit, you should choose the color and fabric.It is necessary to give preference to such a smooth fabric - English wool and tweed, and boucle, velvet, matte silk, satin.You can not wear clothes made of viscose and stretch.Not variegated colors: gray, black, brown, deep burgundy, different shades of dark blue, beige.In the event the business the same color and texture may be allowed, and other events may be unacceptable.

For example, a suit of cotton on etiquette can be worn when you dine in the restaurant or have breakfast in the open air, with a business partner.In the summer, the dinner you can come dressed in white.In the afternoon, for formal occasions, you can wear a pinstriped suit.

When choosing a female business suit to pay attention to the manufacturer.Business suits are needed to fly from renowned Guy La Ro, Channel, Barclay Betty, Robert Barton, Cerruti, Trussardi, Lanvin, Max Mara, Armani.This quiet suits, which meet all the canons of business etiquette.But those suits that Russians liked, such as Versace, Dolce & amp; Gabbana, Gucci, Japanese designers are less suitable for business meetings.They are more suitable bohemians.

If you are invited for dinner, it is appropriate to wear clothes from Gian Ferre, Valentino.For business woman shows things from the podium will not fit.Business suit it has to be simple, boring and clear, like a piece of bread.The ideal would be an option, if a particular woman will make a suit in the house of the famous fashion designer.You will not find such a second suit, it will be the company logo.Business suit, which consists of a skirt jacket is designed for the first half of the day.Jacket and pants are good for evening events.Business black suit, good evening for business meetings, or public official speeches.

movements and gestures
demeanor - in such a way to show respect for people around - discreet, courteous treatment in a conversation, neat clothes.Habits can emphasize the dignity of the person, and the best features reduced to zero.Business people should be natural and it is the main condition for the business person, and by the attempt to replace will look different.Part of the image are the movements and gestures.This gesture shows the man's face and mood, even if he does not want.

Movement does not have to be fast and sharp.You do not need to sit in a relaxed position for a long time lowered his eyes when talking.In the leisure hours you can relax, but during working hours need to be fit.If the people who surround you, older than you, then you need to be more tactful, more collected than if you will be among people your age.No need to make strides, not waving his arms.Gait should not be sluggish.The best option would be to erect posture, measured movement.

When sitting on the chair, do not sit on the edge, rocking, do not lean on the table.When you need to climb up and sit down not to make noise.This chair does not move across the floor, and rearrange, taking the chair.Habits rocking foot, fidgeting in his chair, belongs to the category of "uncomfortable."Because these habits can be interpreted as unwillingness to continue to talk, and so on.When talking to, it is better to sit up straight, not leaning back or leaning.For the business woman is most appropriate landing when his knees pushed together and feet near one another, rotated tibia slightly obliquely.

When talking head prop ugly hand, it can mean fatigue or boredom.Acceptable cross his arms, but an interlocutor such a gesture is perceived as a desire to end the conversation or discontent.

Inverted head and shoulders raised the impression of isolation and tension means.In order to position the source, can be tilted his head.Then it seems that people have to listen carefully.No need to wipe the glasses, light up during the conversation, as it will talk about how delay time and an attempt will look like to avoid answering.