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Most tattoos and piercings

Piercing - ancient art.But for a long time it remained the prerogative of the strong half of mankind.Piercing demonstrated power, strength, social status or belonging to a particular tribe.The people who inhabit the African continent, piercing their ears and noses, inserted in them the most unexpected things.It was a bone, wooden sticks, a little later in the course went metal appliances.These manipulations were religious in nature.The ancient Romans were "practical": men pierced nipples to the rings to fasten cloaks!These "details" testified about belonging to a certain society.In Tsarist Russia it was the custom to pierce the ear sailor crossed the equator for the first time.Well, today, daring to piercings are usually prosecuted only one goal - to make their own body more attractive.Most often pierced ears, nose, lips, tongue, navel, eyebrows, nipples and genitals.

Deciding that "Dragonfly" in the navel is vital you, you go to the piercing.Be careful - he has a lot of contraindications.Choose the ri

ght time for the procedure: either before or during menstruation did not pierce.Rain began to cycle.Are you sure you are not allergic to metal?Check to see if the redness on your body where skin comes into contact with metal buttons or zippers.If there is such a nuisance, the money set aside for piercing, better buy a new dress.Anyway, the puncture site will be constantly inflamed.There is a second option - to wear jewelry only from a special alloy of titanium, silver or gold high grade.For standard lobe piercings or pinna using any jewelry - rings, mikroshtangi, labrets, horseshoes and "tunnels".It is fashionable to be worn in the lobe "bananas" to the navel.

Before any puncture should consult a reflexologist, who after resonance test will help determine what kind of metal is more suitable to you.If this does not take into account the risk to run into trouble.Metal objects can cause swelling, inflammation, hypertension.Contraindications piercing are asthma and heart disease.Why the body once the shock?Renal failure leading to metabolic disorders, which badly affects the healing of tissue after the procedure.Gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis, colitis, otitis media, sinusitis, skin and systemic disease - if you suffer some of these ailments, body piercing is also not for you.And in any case, do not try to deal with piercing itself!On the face and ears are important acupressure points, blood vessels, nerve endings.If something is not zadenesh can be a serious problem.If you offer a navel pierced ear piercing gun to better give up.These machines can not be sterilized, you do not want to be ill with hepatitis or AIDS?

Due to improper selection of jewelry can also cause problems.If it is less than you need, the puncture site may occur redness and swelling does not subside for a long time.Having pierced clarify how to care for it, and follow all recommendations of the expert.As a rule, the standard care 2 times a day are processed the puncture solution hlorgeksina or miramistina.If there is a possibility of infection, take care of Ranke carefully.Try not to touch the dressing and not to injure the puncture site.If the infection still penetrated into the wound, and in 2-3 days you can not eliminate it, contact your doctor or the person who did the piercing.

addition to fashionable piercing and tattoos.A permanent make-up - one of the types of tattoo.Today, beauty salons, this procedure is one of the most popular.Permanent makeup (tattoo) - a superficial introduction to the skin dyes to produce shades and sustainable lines.Having a tattoo, you'll look your best, even in extreme situations.On the beach, in the sauna, swimming pool and in the rain, you can not worry about that the ink "flow" and smeared lipstick.Plus the fact that it is not necessary several times a day to tinker with the makeup.

from normal tattoo tattoo is not only the depth of the input dye and objectives.If the tattoo - just a decoration, the tattoo can adjust and fix the small asymmetry of the face, eye shape, draw a thick eyebrows, visually enlarge the volume of the lips, giving them the desired color.Tattoo is held for several years, gradually losing its sharpness.Bear in mind that during the five days before the procedure and a few days after the sunbathing and can not go to the bath.Beware of the sun, its rays from the paint fade and can change colors."Critical days" - not the best time for applying the tattoo.Tattoo contraindicated in pregnancy, diabetes, poor blood clotting, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and skin problems.

course piercing - it is fashionable and sexy.One of the most fashionable areas of modern aesthetic care - piercing the most erotic part of the female body: the navel, nipples and genitals.It originated this area in ancient Egypt.Make it to enhance sexual sensations.At Intimate piercing pierced clitoris or fold over it.Vdet hole decoration stimulates erogenous zones during sexual intercourse.It heals a puncture about a month.But nipple piercing heals much longer (3 to 5 months).If you only plan to motherhood, the nipple piercing can affect lactation, and with pierced navel may encounter problems during pregnancy.

We present arguments against body piercing and tattoos.The particles of paint or ink for tattoo, penetrated into the lymphatic vessels, and then the lymph nodes and can significantly weaken your immune system.The most dangerous areas for tattoos: over the pubis, on the back, on the inside of the thigh and in the ankles.After securing the coveted tattoo, you can join the ranks of the chronic allergies and asthma.Often during pregnancy stomach tissue due navel piercing apart, turning into a hernia, which is when it is impossible to operate a growing belly.A set of earrings or a huge "tunnel" in the ears in cold weather can trigger many of ENT diseases.Puncture eyebrows, damaging blood vessels, leading to swelling and hematoma.A constantly dangling before the eyes of an earring - a way to squint.As you can see, to show off the most beautiful tattoos or piercings, it is imperative to consult specialists.And in any case not to carry out these operations at home.