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How to raise a sexuality and femininity?

Some women think that it is sufficient to dissolve the hair, wear high heel shoes, dress and you can find feminine image.This stereotype is not meaningless, but do not forget that fashion multivariate.The impression that you will be able to produce, also depends on the proportions of the chosen clothes, silhouette, lines, shapes, colors.

1. Shoes
All women know that shoes with heels changes the plastic movements and gait.It should give up the shoes with heels and a massive cape.Volume buckles and wide belts will not be able to give you a femininity.If the podium is a combination of a massive shoes and feminine light clothing will still look spectacular, these experiments in real life rarely successful.

2. Jewellery
Feminine, sexy style would be impossible without the lovely additions as bracelets, pendants, necklaces and pendants.These decorations must comply with and in harmony with the overall style of dress.If we are talking about the romantic and delicate image, it is better to choose not ma

ssive jewelry, streamlined shape.

3. Cap
It is unfortunate that such an accessory less and less used in our daily lives.But the coquettish little hat can make your look unique and you will feel like a real lady.

4. Topical supplement will
Chiffon Scarf, light scarf or handkerchief will add almost any outfit a bit of charm.Watercolor or floral pattern and soft fabric, create the effect of charm, tenderness and trepidation.

5. Style sets the print
When looking clothes that emphasize femininity, here you fit watercolor, floral patterns and fantasy.Not the best choice would be a cell, strip or clear lines, they will create an image quite strict.Prefer gentle color transitions and drawings with soft lines.

6. Lacy clearance
use clothing lace inserts, lace, give your clothes charm, sexuality and femininity.Lace pastel shades especially anxious looks.But with black lace must be very careful, for failing to use black lace you will become like a widow, and not as a fragile lady.Be aware that the presence of the decor in the day a woman's wardrobe should be minimal, as the best applications and inserts.

7. Clothes made of plastic lung tissue
to look feminine, you need to choose the things that use the air pleasant to the touch and lightweight material.For example, knits, velvet, satin, chiffon, silk.In general, such tissue that are associated itself with femininity.Perhaps in these tissues from dense and hard materials such as suede, leather and denim, you will look stylish and modern, but not impressed grace and trepidation.

8. Clothes with soft plastic solution
Each line in your costume - decoration, folds, relief, joints and carries an emotional burden on the human psyche has different effects.Thus, a sharp, graphic lines in clothes associated with unbalance, activity, aggression.But the flowing lines evoke the feeling of peace and tranquility.If you want your image was feminine and sexy, then give preference to those models that do not have graphics, rigid elements.

9. feminine silhouette
The feminine style of dress should emphasize the curves of the body and dignity.But it should not be tight, it can be, both bulk and can be slim silhouette can flow along the entire body.But the clothes do not have to do the female figure shapeless and visually should not distort the shape.Clothes should not hide the beauty of female curves.

10. The color, soft gamma
If you look at the leading clothing pastel colors.Just the whole secret lies in the fact that our eyes perceive color in the first place, and then the form itself.The main impression you make on the people around you, will depend on the associations, which causes the color palette of your clothes.If you want to impress romance, tenderness, femininity, then you should choose clothes pastel, subdued colors.Open colors and combinations of colors, bright and flashy, which can cause surrounding association with aggression, which will be credited to you and your clothes.

Now you know how to raise a sexuality and femininity.And the most important thing to be sexy and feminine enough to have only nice clothes.It is necessary and very important to have a sparkle in your eyes, sense of self, and it is important to have a good mood.Try to love yourself and others by not hide her beauty.

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