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What is better for a girl long hair or short hair

so in such a situation, the majority of women.But what prefer, you meditate, long hair or hairstyle?Let's deal with what is best for the girls - long hair or short hair.But all in order.

Many modern women now wear fashionable hairstyles.Beautiful, comfortable, easy and true!Butch creates a sense of freedom and independence.However, it should be noted that the general fashion for short hair styles for women are long gone.And today many girls enjoy wearing long hair that emphasize their femininity and unique image.So it is better for the girls long hair or short hair?And, of course, a clear answer to this question will not be.
Interestingly, the majority of the fair sex in the shower still believe that men prefer long hair on the head of his dear companion.As a rule, long hair we associate with femininity, charm, mystery and even the girl's perfidy.At the same time, the longer the hair, the better.At the same time a short cut many men perceive as butch haircut and little use for his lovely companion.

Many guys initially opposed to them she did a short cut.Especially if the girl before wearing long hair, and they were really her.There are even men who are ready to fully end the relationship with his beloved, if she still insist on her and go to the hairdresser to cut your hair short.This is evidenced by polls of men on these issues, which are conducted by women's magazines.

However, there are many men who take in a woman of integrity.They like not separate the hair (whether they are long or short, it does not matter), and the girl as a whole: its appearance, facial features, smile, figure.And, of course, of great importance (and, perhaps decisive) has the charm of a particular girl, her feminine charm and character (communicative, sincere and easy disposition, kindness and tenderness).

We will take into account that men often appreciate the girls what they own is not enough - the tenderness, gentleness of nature, gentle disposition.The same may apply to the hair.Perhaps we will not be wrong if we say that every man women long hair will be to the heart.But short hair like a guy, but if it will be very to face.For example, short hair makes you younger and more fun, and long hair you little fit.In this case, of course, you would prefer your favorite hairdresser for you.And one more important detail.Long hair only may not like man if they neuhozheny.Therefore, if you are aiming to shine in front of their loved one chic long hair, you will need to maintain it in an appropriate form, to clean hair, and laid a long time to maintain an appropriate view.

Beautiful long hair always attract men's looks.This is a sign of sexuality, and the element of women's unique charm.In addition, long hair allow their owner to manipulate hair.You have every chance to become the queen of any celebration, making high and extremely feminine hairstyle.Moreover, its design will help you choose an experienced hairdresser - stylist.Believe me, here you will look professional is a must!

In contrast to the long hair, short hair does not give a girl so many opportunities for change in the image.With this haircut, you can put a nice hair dryer and means of fixation, slightly changing the contours of hair, giving it an evening look.But the simplicity of hair care and styling ease daily leads many girls to choose a hairstyle.

It is important that a girl (no matter what she wears her hair) are not too hung up on her hair.After all, any man does not like when in bed or on the grass in summer girl standing straightens her hair - rather than to enjoy the joy of communicating with loved ones.In general, men are not too fond of that woman too worried deliberately (even more so when a guy) about the details of his appearance.We do not paint or powder in front of her boyfriend!So it is with hair.It is better to do in advance, pick up quality Fixing hair than to not redo her hair in front of the man, causing him to tense waiting for you.

Most important: always better for a girl that hairstyle that suits her!If you are long hair, if they are always well-groomed and beautiful, if you are not too tiring to look after them, believe me, is the best option.And if sometimes you want to give up and hair cut short, so as to "just combed his hair and went" - do not rush!Short temper and a haircut.Only experience that is easy to make a short cut and go back again to the long hair is very difficult.It will be necessary to wait until the hair grows back completely and restore its former length.The worst thing for any woman - to go through a period when the hair has grown back, and haircuts are not visible, but long hair is still far.That's when many girls break and go to the hairdresser doing haircut again.It is not possible to walk with the "unformed" and unkempt head!However, if you manage to go through this unpleasant time, then again you can return to long hair.

However, if your hair is thin and weak, you may do better to find the right type of person and the quality of the hair cut.You can look fashionable and modern and save time and effort on hair styling.The main thing is that the result is in any case will be strictly individual.And if your hair (no matter whether it's chic long hair, or ultra-modern haircut) will help you to look young, attractive and unique, it is sure to please and your boyfriend.Your style will retain its identity, and your image will help you to successfully be myself.Live sincerity and originality - what else is needed to maintain the attractiveness in the eyes of men?

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