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How to dress stylishly when excess weight

  1. to look stylish while excess weight, try to wear three.The classic version of the jacket (or jacket) + trousers (skirt) + jersey unbeaten in any situation.If you choose a neutral color suit, then it will wear down the topic of a brighter tone.Memorize one more rule - with the full figure never refuel blouses and tops to skirts or pants.
  2. Helpful Hint - at the hands of Large avoid exaggerated bracelets.Emphasize pretty big hands several thin or flat bracelets.
  3. Choose all that visually draws the figure.This will be especially useful for high heels.You should not wear shoes with membranes, they shorten the leg.
  4. summer, especially on holiday, you certainly will gain tunic of light fabric or fine knitwear.Wear it with jeans during the day, and wear on the beach directly on top of the leotard.
  5. Remember the golden rule of the buyer - everything is always measured in the mirror, trying to look at ourselves.Invite the store to shop girlfriend, whose taste you trust.She can see the nuances not seen you.Moreov
    er, any advice that friends will not be superfluous.
  6. to dress stylish, tops on the straps keep only for a beach holiday and the hot south.The city is best to choose T-shirts with short or just a capping sleeve shoulder, which visually extends the shoulders and diverts attention from the large chest.
  7. Be careful when choosing knitwear.Any very embossed jersey, with a nap, interspersed with decorative hanging ribbons or threads of consistently gaining weight.It is best to choose a smooth texture.Monochrome clothes in one scheme will be error-free option when excess weight.We should not be afraid of bright colors that are warm sunny day more comfortable and stylish.
  8. When choosing a new style does not forget about jewelry, elongating the silhouette.Let it be a long necklace or a scarf.In general, the full action figure on the principle of diversion: any bright accent unwittingly attracts the eye, and thus detracts from the problem areas.By the same token, more daring and wear bright things, to highlight the most profitable zone figures, and vice versa.
  9. Choosing knitted things, be sure to watch out for, so that they are not very snug, and bra is not loomed neither forward nor back.To this end, it is desirable to choose a bra with smooth cups.If you have a thin waist and small breasts and full hips only, you can afford a bright monochromatic shirt.A skirt is best to choose a little flared silhouette of colored fabrics with geometric patterns or tropical motifs.
  10. width and cut trousers are entirely dependent on the characteristics of shape and your height.At sufficiently high growth and full hips, you can choose straight slacks.However, a small plump woman they do not go as shorten the leg.

especially if your constitution different from the modern conventional manner - do not despair.Not so long ago, women were full of the standard of beauty, and who knows how to change the image of the perfect woman in the future.However, it is not necessary to wait until it happens.Dressing stylishly at excess weight, you'll be fine even without exhausting and not always beneficial for the body diet.

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