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What fashion clothing for petite women

As a rule, every woman thinks that her figure has certain disadvantages and all sorts of available means trying to hide them.The easiest way to emphasize the dignity of the figure - it's the right kind fashion clothing.

talk about how to choose the right clothes for petite women.Almost every petite woman would like to look a little higher, a little slimmer, a little more elegant.This desire to belong to the category of those which each brunette dreams of becoming a blonde.That tall women look better miniature, not a proven fact.Miniature girl can be quite spectacular and sexy.

But in order to determine what fashion clothing for petite women will help to make the proportions of your body more perfect should follow certain rules.Here are some of them.

Any stylist will tell you that the clothes with vertical stripes visually makes a woman above.But this does not mean that in your wardrobe should only be striped shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc.Visually woman pulls not only vertical strips, but also vertic

al stitching, vertical row of buttons, and even a simple vertical zipper.Selecting a very high fashion.It remains only to choose what best suits you.

Things with V-neck should be an integral part of the wardrobe of small females.V-shaped neckline can not only lengthen your silhouette spectator, but also beneficial to emphasize your breasts.However, this does not mean that small woman can not wear things with round or square necklines.But it will look much better if such a cutout will be combined with beautiful long ornament.

Another rule - a preference for dark colors in clothes.But do not think that clothing with bright drawings not fit small woman.Just everything should be in moderation.When choosing a dress with a pattern note such detail as the size of the drawing.If its size is not more than your fist, then you can wear a dress or blouse.It would be a harmonious look on your figure.If all the same size of the picture more than your fist, it is better to abandon the purchase of such things.

Do not hide from prying eyes his feet.Petite women should not wear long skirts to the floor.This will make them visually, and so is not tall, quite stocky.For low female ideal skirts with knee-length or mini general.The more open areas on your body (of course within reason), the higher you'll appear to others.

But robe is better to choose a longer sleeve.Long-sleeved clothing will make your hands more sophisticated to help visually lengthen them.But do not overdo it.Excessively long sleeve will make your image is not sophisticated, and simply ridiculous.But if long sleeve stopping you, then it is better to abandon it.First of all, in the clothes should be comfortable.

addition to correctly pick up clothes, do not forget about the role in your way can play shoes.The basic rule of the obligatory presence of a heel.But there are other options.The basic rules for choosing shoes for petite women.When choosing a shoe is better to prefer shoes with pointed noses, but not very long.It is suitable shoes or sandals with open nozzles.When choosing boots need to pay special attention to the height.For women low boots fit medium height.Since too low boots make your legs shorter and too high is not always appropriate.

But that is to say, the general rules.But how do you choose what fashion clothing for petite women is suitable for various types of figures.Each type has its own recommendations.But for women with petite figure has its own amendments.

As a rule, among the miniature women are three types of shapes: the figure of straight lines and curved shapes canonical.

For women with a figure straight shape suitable clothes straight styles and silhouettes.Thin woman with such a figure could well afford to wear tucked into pants or skirt with a blouse or shirt in a thin belt.

FIG canonical shape will look great waisted clothes.Such a type of figure, too perfect not only thin, but wide, any loose straps.

woman with a figure curved shape also suitable clothes fitted silhouette.They also may well wear straight jackets, but it is better if open.This will allow them to demonstrate their waist.

To always look spectacular, you just need to love yourself and appreciate your appearance.After all, it makes you unique.

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