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Evening Attire for the complete women

If you pick up the right evening dress, it will not only show your dignity, but also to hide the flaws of the figure.

This season, designers pay special attention to women's clothing for full-bodied.Because they need to emphasize their outfits.After all, the people passing by will not notice your fullness, if carefully "hide" from the eyes of others by means of simple design techniques.Famous fashion designers in Europe are developing models of evening dresses that can be worn by all women with no restrictions, regardless of age, and structural features of the body, as well as a variety of models designed exclusively for larger women.

  • Complete women are the owners of the beautiful magnificent bust, which will emphasize the deep neck and triangular neck.Another way to draw attention to the chest charming - the use of such decor accents like lace and bows.
  • In order to look more elegant, better to choose a stylish evening dress long "on the floor."The most profitable will look trapezoidal outfit.
  • obese women evening wear with a skirt that extended downward and fastened the belt back.
  • One of the best options for the full evening dress women - dress with a high waistline.When using such a method is a miracle - your silhouette drawn and disadvantages tummy will be almost invisible.All this is due to the fact that women lush under the breast is one of the most delicate parts of the body, thanks to her dress and will expand.Exquisitely will look evening dress with pleats on the chest, which expand.
  • pay in case, contrary to popular belief that women are contraindicated full - this is not true.The main thing that this type of attire is not tightened figure, otherwise it will be a terrible appearance.
  • When choosing colors for the full evening dress of women, remember that very bright pastel colors visually figure give extra volume.It is for this reason it is best to abandon the dress or suit of a light yellow, light pink and white.But the style of dress, too much depends.On curvy women look best outfits in black, brown, dark red, purple, emerald green, and blue.To visually lengthen the upper part of your figure better wearing clothes, in which top and bottom are made of a material of contrasting colors or shades.
  • Do not try to put the thing that well, you obviously small.Climbed into the pants or skirt is much smaller than you need, you do not become more slender.On the contrary - you emphasize all of its flaws!
  • Shuttlecocks good to hide the broad shoulders and hands full.The main thing that was not very lush.It's best not to attract attention and do not denude broad shoulders by a weighty draperies.From the prying eyes of the upper body is better hide, using a cape or stole.To make the most visually handle thin, put on an evening dress with flared sleeves.
  • zhaketikov great choice for costly dense tissue, for example, a small glow.
    looks very elegant outfit for a woman full of two-layer material.For example, a good combination - the bottom layer of a light satin, and above - a contrast dusky lace or lace.Or in addition to partial wedges pleated or ripple.
  • brightness - it's very good, but not a complete ladies.Be sure to pay attention to the colors and shades: give preference to rich and deep, but not poisonous flowers.Green gives the image of a clown and comedian.
    • Wide belt unprofitable presents a figure as it shortens your waist .
    • Too big and wide neckline - bust!
  • flared skirts - very popular and successful for the lush figure.
  • Varieties folds, details and drapery, in any case should not be in the locker room full of women.If
  • evening dress too wide at the waist, but it is generally to your liking and nice sitting on the shoulders and bust, do not be lazy to send a dress in the studio, in order to take in the waist.As a result, you will look slender woman with chic shapes.

can be lush woman while looking great.Provide a little more attention and diligence choosing outfits.

As you know, pick an evening dress for a complete girl is not so difficult, you just do not stop their figure flaws, and should consider the advantages and emphasize them.Then you certainly will discover the dress, which will be the most beautiful queen of any celebration.

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