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The art of dress, how to hide figure flaws

If you have a wide waist.
you should avoid wearing short jackets, pleated skirt or pleated skirt and wide belt.We need you to wear sports dresses with narrow belts that can easily be tied.

High waist - do not wear blouses tucked into a skirt, short bolero.You will approach the elongated jacket, long blouse.If you have beautiful legs, you will approach a short skirt.

Low waist - refuel blouses skirt.Avoid low heels and short skirts.

woman, if it is complete should know that tight skirt will not be able to hide the fullness, but only emphasize it.And if you filled out, sew skirt itself more freely.

pockets on the blouse can visually enlarge the bust.A large bust can visually reduce the vertical line.To slightly reduce a large bust, you need to buy a dress with pretty deep, sharp cut, or with extended collar.As if you do not like, do not wear a dress with a square or circular cut, decorated with ruffles or embroidery.

Who are mini-skirts? not all.If the girl has thin legs, it should not open th

e knees, skirt suitable to be their little close.But if you decide to wear a short skirt, follow your gait and your posture.Girl in a skirt should be able to walk nicely.

thin and long neck beautiful, but if it is very long, you need to cover it up a bit.Avoid low-cut, there are more suitable decorative scarf, closed clothes.Suit shaped collars, especially fashionable collars clamps and stand-up collars.If you prefer a sporty style, we recommend you wear a pullover with a high collar.

Full and short neck. not need to wear a wide cuts that come on the shoulders.More suitable deep and sharp notch, narrow-necked.Dresses fit with collars and shawl with long and narrow lapels.Also lengthen the neck-through buckle, which is placed on the side or in the middle.

girls complete a short neck disfigure puffed sleeves-lanterns.They only increase the visual all the "errors" of the figure.There will suit blouse sporty, solid - collar fabric finishing and short sleeves.

When complete, short neck need to give up without a collar round the neck and on the standing collars.Lack can hide V - neck and turn-down collar.To complete the shoulders need sleeves.

hardest hide wide hips. you should avoid narrow, light-colored dress, very tense, as well as short skirts, narrow or very broad.Do not wear dresses with large flowers and dresses made of cloth in the cage.

full legs. not wear wide and very short skirts, high-heeled shoes or without spikes.

your legs will not make the shoes a little smaller, so do not seek to stick your feet in shoes smaller.Pick comfortable shoes and size.

narrow clothes just accentuate your full figure, the dress should be a little more spacious.Suit vertical seams, but the transverse bands and belts do not fit.No need to choose bright colors, too warm, and larger designs, but the fabric of the cool tones, and a fine figure transform your figure and make her slender.

elderly, thin, woman will not work low-necked blouse, sleeveless and short mini-skirt.

Do not forget about practicality that clothes should be comfortable, not to hinder movement, hygienic.Your outfit will bring you joy when it is in harmony with your physique, your appearance.After all, the art of dressing - important knowledge for women of all ages.

Remember a few simple things, how to dress and you'll always look great.
- clothes should be clean, fresh, with no pilling, no mint.

- forget about flat back, straightened her shoulders, and a beautiful walk.Make sure that the hair was done, nails are okay, excessive body hair removed.These little things are part of the beauty, because if it does not, no nice clothes will not save you.

- do not blindly follow fashion.If you see that fashion is not on your side, you can purchase from the new collection of 1-2 new things, successfully combined with those things that you have.Any little thing, handbag, necklace will look gorgeous with your clothes.You can play on the contrast, it is now fashionable.
you learned the art of dressing and you know how to hide figure flaws.So, you already know how to dress.

Smile, because you are so smile!

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