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The choice of hair color for adult women

color the hair may be in the home, it is desirable to use a cream-resistant paint.In this method, a woman saves your time on a visit to the hairdresser or beauty salon and a sum of money.But at home hair coloring has its negative side.One painting makes hair heavy, monotonous age and emphasizes her mistress.Another problem may be the question: how to choose a hair color adult woman.Wrong choice of hair color is the most common mistake when coloring hair at home.There are cold and warm shades of color, and it must be considered as cool colors enhance the pale complexion and visually increases the age of his mistress.A mature woman who uses warm shades of hair dye, on the contrary, looks much younger and more attractive than its contemporaries.

gray hair has a slightly different structure, so to hide the gray hair, you need to be aware that their color can complicate the whole process.When gray coverage necessary to observe one rule: the older the woman is, the lighter hair color to use.If the white hair

occupy no more than one third of the total amount of hair, the dye should be chosen that one tone must be lighter natural color.Women who have a lot of gray hair, ietheir number is much greater than one-third, respectively, it is recommended to use the ashy color of hair dye.

in a beauty salon can offer you several options for the most interesting and attractive solutions, for example, the length of hair to make a few shades lighter than the hair roots.This type of coloring your hair cut will be easy and flying.

Since women over 45 rarely go a fundamental change in their way, stylists in beauty salons and barber shops offer to use one or two contrasting colors.Ieimage change occurs gradually, a few visits to the salon.

adult woman almost always chooses this form and the color of hair, which would be appropriate in any place, and would be suitable for any clothes.However, hair color should be appropriate to the age and position of women in society.

Adult women are always in the choice of hair color conservative and demanding young women and girls, asknow exactly what the little tricks in the art of painting the hair of a woman doing unique.

Keep in mind that when a woman has very sensitive skin should avoid when painting hair colors with red molasses.For example, such as mahogany, pomegranate, cherry.

And finally, we must not forget that when choosing a hair color, it is necessary to consider not only the woman's age, but also the individual characteristics of appearance: eye color, skin tone, natural hair color.If you are the owner of the skin with a pinkish tinge, it is better to choose cool colors for the hair, for example, sand or ash blond.Or, conversely, if you are the hostess warm skin tone, you will approach the warm shades of hair color: reddish and golden hues.Owners of gray and blue eyes is not recommended to paint hair in dark colors, becausethey can significantly add age and make wrinkles deeper.Those with blue eyes should avoid hair coloring in gold, copper and orange.