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As a woman full dress nicely?

Here are some tips to help you feel comfortable.Most
wear costumes than dresses.On your clothes should be a lot of details and joints, so less attention will attract your not so perfect body parts that are hidden under clothing.

Dresses need to choose a little high waistline, those women who have problems in the hips and abdomen.The clothes must be chosen with diagonal stripes, they create a light silhouette and the horizontal width you just added.Wear a jersey with a very small figure, this magnificent forms for good camouflage.

not wear folds in clothing, they automatically add you two to three kilograms.No need to rely on the brown and blue, they are not conceal your defects as black.Although you and they look thinner than if you wear white or pink.You do not need to wear a stretch materials and lycra.

Design tips on how to visually correct shape.When
large waist.

When you have such a waist, not accentuate her attention.Wear a better straight silhouettes.

When large breasts.
you are deeply mistaken in that, if you become wearing baggy clothes, it will help you to hide large breasts.Best option will prisborennye shirts and tops, and generally choose clothing that is perfect for you sitting.

When wide hips.
To do this you need to draw attention to the top, with the help of such details as the cut line.It is necessary to wear long jackets, tight sweaters and skirts to the knee.

specific solutions.
striped shirt.
Vertical stripes make a thinner figure, thanks to an optical illusion.

contrast costume.
pantsuit who wore a bright blazer or monochromatic dress will allow to hide plump buttocks, belly bulge.A bright color will distract attention from the lower part of your body.

silk blouse.
silk drape well and to be heavy.Then he hides the good hands full.Blouses can be worn under a sweater "to gum" under the jacket with trousers of tweed fabric, releasing the cuff and collar.

Set deuce of fine knitwear.
Lower jacket is perfectly fitting shape and free, long, straight jacket will cover your full hips.The bottom of the jacket should not shrink rubber band, otherwise it will emphasize volume.

Dress with stripe.
central band put so wide waist, as if in a box and make it thinner.

Light top.
This shirt is so light that it does not feel himself.It will be good for the shirt of cotton, cashmere cape, under the blazer.

The fitted jacket.
Such men, classic cut of the completeness and hide behind and in front.It will look good with a straight skirt a little above the knee.

Direct dress.
silhouette that understated down, hide the extra kilos.Its good to put on the shuttles robot with shoes, a simple chain bracelet.And as a direct dress evening dress can be supplemented with sparkling earrings and "silver" shoes.

length skirt flared.
not do without it, if you have a full leg.It will be very important if the fabric is thin and will, bear, beautiful tails.However, no assembly and hard tissues.This skirt wearing a form-fitting top and a short jacket.

black suit.
versatile and practical and it does not matter black suit jacket with a skirt or a pantsuit.We should not forget that the black for the full ladies, the most perfect color.

we now know as a woman full dress nicely.By following these rules, and using these tips, you'll be able to dress nice and stylish, do not hesitate to its fullness.