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Fashion handbags 2015: overview of the most current trends in 2015

most fashionable handbags 2015: main trends

We begin our review of the most fashionable women's bags 2015 with current trends.In the first place - natural materials.This trend is related not only to fashion handbags, but also to the actual clothes and other accessories.Bags made of suede, leather and textiles will be essential attributes as the spring and summer images.Another trend - a combination of natural materials and natural colors.For example, back in great fashion and a few forgotten denim bag.But in 2015 the designers see these products not only in the traditional blue color, but also in other versions: black, purple, orange.Well, the undisputed hit of this summer will be knitted and woven bags.And fashion handbags crocheted 2015 can be executed in different ways: it can be a basket without a top, a backpack or a simple wide bag.

second major trend - the size.The trend of handbags in different sizes.So, in 2015, at the height of fashion are both voluminous "shopping" bags and evenin

g clutches miniature.Also among the top fashion trends worth noting the variety of shapes and patterns.Especially popular in 2015 will handbags round shape, sometimes because of their bulky size, resembling covers for drums.

Fashion Handbags 2015: the most current model

One of the most fashionable models will bag with short handles.And popular are bags with short handles different styles: traveling bags, handbags, briefcases.See examples of current models could be on the shows DSquared2, Emporio Armani, Paul Smith, Prada.Some designers through a variety of stylistic techniques, have turned these handbags in real works of art.In the course went gems, rhinestones and inscriptions from the combination of different materials.

no less popular this year will remain and clutches.Unlike previous seasons, they become slightly larger in size.It is also for them to be characterized by minimalism and restrained colors.So, fancy clutches spring-summer 2015 more suitable for walking or doing business than for an evening event.Examples of such models can be seen in the collections Boss, Fendi, Ferragamo, House, Topshop.

also relevant in the coming season will be the bag over his shoulder, who in 2015 are small in size and functionality.And their wide color palette allows to find the right accessory for even the original image.

Speaking of originality: active girls in this year will not do without a stylish backpack.For example, well-known brands Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham reanimated such popular in the 90s backpacks and again made them one of the most important models of bags for young people.