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The main female character slips

No.Even the most trendy things can not decorate the person, but rather spoil the impression of his appearance.What are the main mistakes of the female image?Let's try to deal with you on this issue together.

Firstly, it is important that the clothes match the place, time and purpose of man, her dressed.For example, a business woman who came for a business lunch in a tracksuit, will look to put it mildly not comme il faut.In the same way as the guy who came to the beach in a business suit.

Second dressed things must emphasize the advantages and hide figure flaws.Even the most-fashionable clothing can only spoil the impression of the man.If she is not dressed the way and the wrong time.

So, the main female character misses a first, sometimes excessive brightness and "trendy".Fashion does not forgive busting.Things should be combined with each other.Clothing, footwear and accessories - all this must be in the same style.That is why the question of the proper selection of clothes so urgent.The modern wom

an should know the major blunders at least to never let them do.The most important quality that is valued in a woman is a natural to settle for this nature, it makes more sense to you than do yourself a silicone breasts, lips, suspenders wrinkles, correction of the nose, and so on.There will always be a man who will love you so what you have, rather than artificially created your image.And it is important not just tolerate you.We must love yourself, your body.After all, the point is not what you are, it's how you will present yourself.Who will love you if you do not love yourself.

Fashion can and should be followed, but given its capriciousness and changeability.One should always be themselves, to dress beneficial to the figure.For example, according to stylist Irina Subbotina, it is necessary to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages did not hide Figo.And winning is already due to this.To get started is to determine your most "worthy" of the body.Someone is the chest, someone hips, someone legs, and someone thinks their dignity eyes or lips.Then the focus is on this "outstanding" part of you, part of which you will remember.It is important to approach her choice responsibly.

no less important that your image was intact.Iestyle, color and size of things have to be correspond to reality, time and purpose.Invalid combination of different quality and color of things in the ensemble.

clothes, the wrong size do not just attract attention, it spoils the female image.Bra size is less than would be bad to keep your chest and, accordingly, its shape under the blouse will be terrible.The same applies to the size of pantyhose over their gum will reach your chin !!!As a result - the discomfort and the recess in the middle of the skirt that looks just dreadful.

very important to pay attention to the style of dress.Not every figure, as not everyone is eligible age of a particular style of clothing.It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of a person.

As for the color of clothing, the combination of more than 3 basic colors leads to the diversity of the woman resembles a Christmas tree that often looks ridiculous.

Women often make mistakes and to use accessories.Accessories - an insidious thing.For example, inappropriate expensive suit cheap bizhyuteriya immediately struck.Also, keep in mind that large massive jewelry is not suitable for a formal setting.While diamonds are on the bus or trolley will look clumsy.

Misses female image - something critical.Especially considering the feature of female nature.A woman may not notice the lack in his image, but "log" in the eyes of colleagues around the office, friends or just passing by the girl outside, she noticed immediately and will subject to severe criticism.

I wish you always be beautiful and inimitable.And remember: nothing paints the woman as a spark in his eyes and a smile on the lips!