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What clothes to wear women motorists

Although these transformations do not occur immediately, and they are not always seen, women have sat down behind the wheel of strikingly different from their tribeswoman.Gradually, they become reserved, tolerant, nimble, agile, savvy, impassive and cold-blooded.Therefore, these women changed clothes and becoming very different from the clothing of ordinary women.

Starting a conversation about clothes, I would like to start with winter and demi-season things as the window only winter ends.All women motorists know that driving a car in long coats, coats and down jackets, raincoats very uncomfortable.All of them, one way or another, fall into the space between the levers, pedals, doors, seats and control panel, creating obstacles and hinder driving.As for the clothes, it may wrinkle or tear.And if you suddenly need to get out, to wipe the windshield or headlights, clear ice from the wiper blades or to look into the engine, there is the danger of dirty clothes in roadside dirt or grime machine.

For winter is best to buy a short coat or coats, and for the off-season jackets or coats.We must remember that the volume crosslinked, multilayer fabric outerwear can hamper movement.In the cold can not wear fur coats and warm coats.Maybe not all women know, but sports style jacket is ideal for the car - it employs a stove.If we put something long, it is necessary to make sure that under the outerwear was something quite warm and beautiful.Then, before the trip can be removed and neatly folded clothes in the back seat, or hang on a hook.

During warmer women move on blouses, shirts, tops, that should not be fettered movement.Such clothing will always be lifted up and collected, always have it correct, distracted from the road.The tightness of clothes creates problems for circulation, which adversely affects the brain, and it slows down the movement coordination, increases the overall fatigue of the body.I want to quit driving, stop and lie down on the grass.

What clothes to choose female motorists when the subject turns to the skirt or pants?Those of them who is a fan of sports style, settle the question in favor of the pants, especially if it's jeans.About Jeans special conversation, they are comfortable and practical, in which everyone feels comfortable.Good pants also do not create problems when driving, you only need to pay attention to their length so they do not catch on the pedal.

As for skirts , when women choose clothes, you need to pay attention to the length.Long skirts prevent control pedals, even if they look elegant.Wide skirt fall into doorways and clamped, preventing switching speed lever or automatic transmission.Short skirts shackle movement and prevent gracefully into the car, especially if it is a low seat.And when a woman goes to a sports car, sitting in the parlor of her knees are close to the head.During the drive a short skirt from constant foot movement when pressing the pedals become shorter.Like a driver on the belt in the car and it is not visible, but can be a number of passengers.And then it is likely that a number of passing cars may look bored in traffic men, thereby increasing the likelihood of creating an emergency situation.So skirt should not be narrow, its length should be about mid-calf and slightly above.

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