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Secrets of this style of women

building their relationship with the people, we must remember that, as a rule, the first impression is formed almost instantaneously, and change it - very difficult.So, we need to care about the impression you make on others.

Women who know the secrets of style, make people pay attention to their strengths and ignore the shortcomings.

How to master the secrets of this style of women?The main thing we must bear in mind that the style in appearance should match your character, reflect the inner world.After all, what is a poor pick up style?This disparity selected image to your behavior.It is necessary to form a style of its own character.

Another important point is that the style of dress should fit your lifestyle.If you are - a business woman, then your style is to be a solid and rigorous.If you - a young mother, sitting at home with a child, or a housewife, the business suits you to anything.

also be taken into account and the age.Student-freshman does not cost to represent "vamp", and a mature woman

- a young girl.And she and the other, dressed in a way not reach their goal, and will look vulgar.

suit must conform to the circumstances in which you are in at the moment.When deciding what style you will look today, you should consider what you will do today.Sports style, suitable for outing may be out of place in an office, and a beautiful high-heeled shoes, worn for the departure of the nature, cause a smile on the faces of your friends.

Style Women also determined and compatibility of things in their wardrobe.Therefore, choosing a new thing, even if it suits you, you must think, and what this thing can be worn.After all, the individual items of clothing, even if they are you can absolutely not fit together.Thing bought without regard to its compatibility with other things, can remain hanging in the closet for a long time, it does not always have the opportunity to update once a large part of the wardrobe.

Well, of course, do not forget about the merits and demerits of their appearance.You can not wear things because they themselves seem to you beautiful or fashionable.Clothing should emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.Do not wear clothes that do not fit on the size or color.You should not like the clothing itself, but how you look at it.

Shaping the wardrobe, do not forget that your shoes should fit your style.

This style of women can not be created without accessories.It is impossible to overestimate their importance.Improper accessory to your appearance can nullify all the efforts.Even if the accessory is beautiful in itself, but combined with your costume - it would ruin everything.Conversely, well-chosen accessories will add charm to your appearance.

Try to come up with something special, inherent only to you, create a unique flavor of its shape, use some of his secrets.

Remember that the accessory is often defined by wealth and social status.Therefore, if you want to focus on the situation that you occupy in society, it can be done just by using accessories.Do not just forget about the taste, sense of proportion and tact.

is no less important than the well-chosen clothes, things like hairstyle and manicure.It is necessary to keep the nails in order to visit the barber.

Do not forget about makeup.He, as well as your suit should fit lifestyle, age and circumstances, to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.Bright makeup relevant at a party in the office would look vulgar.

and remember that the concept of style is not only to look.Gait, speech, demeanor, can enhance the image that you want to create, but they can also destroy it.

These are some of the secrets of this style of women.Using them, you will be easier to create a unique style of showing others the advantages of your appearance and richness of the inner world, your position in life and social status.

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