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Terms of business dress code

Let's get acquainted with these rules, so as not to make mistakes, spinning in the world of business.

Select style

Stop your account when choosing a business suit on the classic - two-piece.This can be a jacket with trousers or a jacket with a skirt.Modern dress code does not prohibit women from wearing trousers.That is the subject of costume and preference.For practical and comfortable trousers skirts.

modern rules of business dress code greeting laconic "male line" in suits, both men and women.Today, in a fashion close-fitting single-breasted model.In such truncated jackets emphasized shoulder line.It is best jacket fastens with one button.It can be used for fastening the brooch.Buttons brooch or must be made of natural materials and combined with the suit color.Such jacket is perfect free, tailored on the bias skirt.

unspoken rules of business dress code: restraint, chastity.Femininity, sexy clothes is a sign of carelessness, even lack of professionalism.

Designers not sidestep business cloth

es.These collections can be seen jackets of varying length and cut.It's your choice, or single-breasted double-breasted jackets, short and long to the thigh, jackets with stand-up collar, "jacket" zip and many other models.

basic rules

elegance, cleanliness, attractiveness - three rules that should be followed strictly.Business suit should not cause irritation, always be in place.

working day business person is not normalized.No one can be sure that the evening will not take a business dinner or a party.Therefore, choosing a morning suit, you have to be sure that it will be in place everywhere: at the office, a restaurant, at a dinner party.

Try not to put on two consecutive days in the same suit.

undesirable for two days to come to work in one and the same.


Business welcomes dress code white blouses with sleeves men's cut.

But the rules of business dress code does not prohibit replace blouse or turtleneck blouse elastic.If the selected cut-jacket is not deep, it is possible to dispense with blouses.

hide flaws figures

Though the business dress code does not imply femininity, but to hide figure flaws are not prohibited.

Visually draw a shape with a short torso, you can with a long fitting shape above the waist blouses.

Take My Eyes Off wide hips help long waisted blouse with a zip to the waist.

And, conversely, narrow hips and broad waist will hide blouse untucked, with a length to mid-thigh, combined with narrow trousers or skirt.

batch file - blouses in the style of the seventies of the last century, fit with a short neck.


Rules business dress code prohibits liberties with respect to this item of clothing.

in a business suit skirt should necessarily be a straight, slightly tight thigh zauzhivayas down.Valid cuts, but not more than 10 cm.

dress code requires long skirt to the knee middle.But such is the length of the very few people.Therefore permissible length or just above the knee or ankle.


business rules are very strict dress code for pants.Valid only classic straight, slightly narrowed to the bottom.

Wear tight fitting model in the office - a bad tone.A too wide pants are not tuned to the official and rigor.

One good thing, the classic model of trousers is at any figure.

rules, regulations, but the woman is always a woman.Dress according to the business dress code, but always stylish, elegant.

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