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Encyclopedia fashion: vintage style

What writes about vintage style fashion encyclopedia?Vintage style - one of the areas of fashion, which is trying to revive the fashion trends of the past decades.Vintage style involves the active use of old things, which have been restored.The term is derived from the Vintage French term that is used in winemaking.It is an excerpt of wine or a particular crop year.

Here's what you can read in the encyclopedia of fashion: vintage style involves the use of original things of the past generation.These things should not be older than 50, but not under the age of 20. In addition, clothing, footwear and accessories in vintage style must have been fashionable in his time frame.Therefore, in order to dress in this style, it is necessary not just to buy the old stuff, and restore them, and know exactly the history of fashion, and wrote about it in detail encyclopedia.

Thus, the encyclopedia of fashion highlights of vintage two criteria: age and style.

Age .The main indicator.Things started the last 15 years

- a modern thing.Things that were executed more than fifty years - antiques.But vintage - are things created during this time period.There is a slightly different classification, differ from the encyclopedia of fashion.For vintage style include only those items that were created before the sixties of the twentieth century.But things started later referred to as retro.

Style .Age things do not always assign it a vintage style.Clothing, shoes, accessories should fully reflect the fashion trends of his time.For example, you will find the usual handkerchief of white cloth dated seventy years.This can not be called a vintage scarf.But if you have an old scarf or old clothes that were fashionable in the same seventies, these things will be, and vintage.

And how to choose and wear vintage stuff?The first step is to determine what a thing to you.Original vintage pastiche or just under it.Original vintage, as you might guess, this is a real rare thing, whole or refurbished often creations of famous designers.Styling is a vintage involves only the use of new things decor, drawings, cut or silhouette retro fashion.There are so-called combined vintage items.From the title it is clear that in making such garments are used as advanced materials and vintage.

Wearing vintage things require fault-finding in the selection and excellent taste.Even the old thing is to sit right on the figure, it is necessary to know how to restore and customize it.It is best to purchase a clothes to choose it with a small margin, one size larger.After all, the old things are pretty fragile, it is better not to stretch, because you can simply spoil a thing.Do not rely on when buying a modern size.After all, every era has its own standards, as well as the dimensions are different for each brand.

If you still do not dare to dress entirely in vintage items, try to start small.For example, with the accessories.Various ornaments, brooch is particularly interesting, they are an integral part of vintage style.And when a little obvyknetes, you can go to more important things, such as a vintage bag, and then to the article of clothing.

And another important point marked in any fashion encyclopedia.Vintage clothes presupposes a certain situation, pertinent environment.It will look good clothes in vintage style in the theater, the museum, the exhibition of fine arts.