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Clothing style of Coco Chanel

attire Coco Chanel was, is, and you can have no doubt, will remain an icon of taste.And not only the style of dress.You could say that this amazing woman has revolutionized not only in fashion and style, but also in life, behavior, the minds of all women.Thanks to her, women are freed from the yoke of corsets and magnificent skirts.So she freed women from the stereotypes that have formed over the centuries.Moreover, Coco Chanel was the author of many statements that are cited in the present.

«This woman should be able to reincarnate must be constantly changing.To become the queen of style you must find the courage to combine incongruous "- words of Coco Chanel.Despite the fact that the main clothing she considered feminine, Coco was able to "take away" from the strong half of mankind their native male wardrobe items.This jackets and trousers, shirts and ties, and even men's hats.

clothing style of Coco Chanel, with its masculine things did not butch woman.Quite the contrary.Men's things further underl

ine femininity.The main thing is not to forget that, under these things is a woman.And wear these things, "selected" in men, as they wore very Coco.For example, if the pants, direct, and always with high heels - it visually lengthens the leg.Waistband means should emphasize the waist.If this is the jacket, it must allocate, something which is not of men, namely, hip, waist and chest.If this strict shirt, the accessory can be not only man's tie or butterfly, and bows, and even romantic seductive frills.

Coco Chanel claimed that dress looks richer, the poorer it becomes.And along all in black, to develop their taste.And after that she had created the little black dress, which is really dressed the whole world.Until then, black was the only color of mourning.Coco also proclaimed him the basis of style.The genius of the little black dress lies in its brevity.It no buttons, no laces or frills or fringes.The only permissible as accessories are white collar and cuffs.And of course pearls!The thread of pearls on white background black fabric looks not only impressive, but divine.The little black dress is universal.He can easily put on and the maid and famous actress.Any woman wearing this dress would look elegant.The little black dress can erase all boundaries: social, physical, age ...

This amazing woman believed that the style is the most simple cut, which does not hinder the movement.She could not stand affectation.Coco Chanel introduced the fashion not only the little black dress, but also the direct pencil skirt with a length just below the knee.And the length of the selected for the reason that Coco felt her knees very ugly part of a woman's body, and therefore insisted that the knees must be covered.The undeniable advantage pencil skirt is its ability to emphasize the curves of a woman - a wasp waist, curvy hips line.Attire Coco Chanel meets the requirement that the woman has always been feminine in any situation, even in strict business clothing.

For evening dress Coco Chanel offered to choose black.She thought too smart suit makes an elegant woman.Black - the most mysterious.Along with the mystery he is able to return the young women.Even the bad taste is not able to ruin the elegance of black.

Coco Chanel put fashion before two goals - comfort and love.And if these two objectives are achieved, it is a beauty.Proof of this can serve as a tweed suit, Coco created in 1955.This costume is suitable for women of all ages and for all occasions.This suit is the fashion.It is worn royals and yesterday schoolgirls, business woman and schoolteachers.Coco believed that suit women should be moving and alive, as his owner.Tweed suit by Coco recognizable, it can not be confused with the work of other designers.Its main features - a unique fabric structure, its mobility, metal buttons, edgings.If Coco criticized for its monotony tweed suit, she replied that her costumes are the same as all women are the same.

Not everyone knows that Coco Chanel loved red.She believed that if many in our blood, it should show the outside.To recover from the blues, Koko advised to dress up in a red suit or dress.Red - the color of self-love.Do not ignore this color nakraste even lips bright red lipstick.

Even today perfume "Chanel №5» - is the perfume of all time.Coco has created a women's perfume that smells like a woman.For the first time these spirits were used wood flavors.While spirits are bottled in vials fanciful shapes.Coco Schnell for his perfume bottle designed very concise.A box of crystal with white label on which black letters displayed «Chanel».And yet!But it made a real revolution.

best complement their suits Coco Chanel felt hat."The hat you appeared before the people in a completely different light," - said the legendary woman.And it is difficult to argue.

attire Coco Chanel - is not all that is left behind, this amazing woman.She created a whole philosophy of life.She urged women to treat their beauty, as a component of success.Coco said that the older the woman, the more beautiful it should be.At the age of twenty, he gives us the beauty of nature.In the thirty years of a woman's face sculpts life.At fifty woman deserves beautiful face.Chanel encouraged women not young.Alas, no one fifty young.But a large number of fifty women who take care of themselves, look more attractive than well-groomed young women.

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