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What styles of clothes there?

Country Style This style can be described as the interweaving of eras and cultures.Imagine a city dweller in the village or village in the city.Representatives of this style has always stand out in the crowd.

folk style

people prefer this style of dress is quite modern, but bring in a suit everyday elements of national costumes.


This style can be described as an offshoot style of the country or folk.

working style

This style is not particularly call.In general, it's the clothes that we put to rest not outdoors or in the garden.


founders of this style of clothing - the British colonialists.The characteristic features of Safari are quite narrow silhouettes, choosing clothes bright colors with lots of pockets, a mandatory overhead.Accessories indispensable for the safari is epaulets, belts.Women wear a hat with a small round fields.

western style

Once you hear the word Western, right before your eyes stand images of fearless cowboys.Faded jeans, a jacket with long fringe, lea

ther patches, cowboy boots with spurs, and, of course, the hat.

Gaucho Style

This style was popular in the seventies of the last century.Clothes like the costumes pastoralists American prairies.A mixture of Spanish and Native American traditions, plus the modern trends.

Indian style

This is certainly not an Indian suit in pure form, but its elements are taken into service.These are clothes for hot weather.Holiday, summer, beach.Color clothes traditionally white material - cotton.

paramilitary style

fashions of this style is repeated uniforms.The colors are chosen and all shades of green land, often protective, camouflage colors.

Sports style

not necessarily have to be an athlete to wear these clothes.Clothes free silhouette, with a plurality of pockets, are actively used zippers.Dynamically, the brightness, at least finish - characteristics of sporty clothes.

Club style

This style is a kind of sport.The same brightness and dynamic, but more complex decoration, the use of golden buttons and all sorts of emblems.

Style Derby

Variety of sports style.Clothes like the costumes for the race.Its name, this style was named after an English lord Derby.His passion for race horses.

Marine style

This style of dress appeared with the advent of navigation.Clothes in the horizontal blue stripes, stand-up collars.

Denim style

Since the 1980s, this style was the most common.Their denim sewn even underwear.Tops, bustier, adorned with lace, bows and lurex is no surprise.

business or urban style

Strict parts restrained additions underlined efficiency, not bright, not flashy colors in clothes - is what distinguishes this style.

Pleasure style

This includes loose-fitting clothing.Nothing should constrain movements interfere.Clothing designed for walking and recreation.

Romantic style

Clothing of this style is different grace, lightness, elegant, attention to detail and accessories.The image created by sophisticated, sublime, ethereal.

retro style

For clothes of this style is characterized by the use of details and motifs inherent in clothes of the past generation.

This is just part of the styles.I only partially answered the question: "What kinds of clothes there?" This theme can be developed infinitely.

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