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Protein in the urine of a child

Most human proteins have very large dimensions, because of which can not pass through the kidney filtration system.Therefore, the appearance of protein in the urine is considered an indisputable sign that kidney function is impaired, namely impaired glomerular filtration.

appearance of protein in the urine may have a different nature, for example, the reason may be in the presence of an infectious agent, the pathology of microscopic kidney filters or just the whole body.But sometimes in medicine, a case where the protein in the urine of children not accompanied by changes in blood pressure, the child feels good and so on.Such a condition called orthostatic hidden (cyclic) proteinuria.In other words, the appearance of protein in the urine of a child is associated with its activity during the day, the vertical position of the body.At night, the protein disappears, can not be detected during sleep when the baby is in a horizontal position.

proteinuria (the presence of protein in the urine) is not accompa

nied by painful symptoms.However, if a large number of misses urine protein, blood levels are significantly reduced, which causes swelling and high blood pressure.Often, protein in the urine of children is the first sign of any illness and reveals its development or during the early stages.Therefore it is very important for young children to take a urine sample.

Orthostatic proteinuria

orthostatic proteinuria is diagnosed in older children and adolescents.A synonym is a hidden cyclic proteinuria which is associated with the appearance of protein in the urine during the child's activity.It is still not established causes penetration of the protein into the urine during the day in the apparent absence of any disease and kidney disorders filtering.At night, when the children are asleep, their kidneys filtered protein, not passing it into the urine.For correct diagnosis of this condition is carried out a two-step urine test that consists of the analysis of the first morning urine collected immediately after a sleep and a second portion of urine collected during the day.These samples were stored in different containers.If protein is detected only in the second portion, the child - orthostatic proteinuria.The morning urine protein will not be detected.It should be noted that orthostatic proteinuria is absolutely normal, harmless state.Therefore it is not necessary to limit the child in physical activities, they will not harm the kidneys, and can even cause a temporary increase in titer of protein in the urine of the child.

protein in the urine in children when treatment is necessary?

When a urine protein in small quantities and in orthostatic proteinuria no need to treat children.Usually, the doctor prescribes a second urine sample after a few months.It is necessary to detect changes in the amount of protein in the urine.

the presence of protein in the urine in repeated analyzes, the doctor may prescribe additional studies to test kidney function to determine the cause of proteinuria.Whatever she was, to remove the protein from the urine is not so easy, and in many cases the only effective way to become salt-free diet.Ingestion of food without salt helps to reduce urinary protein and helps quickly and easily remove it.In more complex cases, the doctor prescribes a drug treatment involving drugs.Typically, the first dose of drug is large, but it is gradually reduced.Sometimes you take drugs in small doses over several months.It is important to observe the instructions of the doctor.

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