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Knit Sleeveless child

Children's sleeveless

knitting sleeveless, you need:

  • 150 grams of wool yarn for baby 5 or 6 years
  • circular needles number 3,5
  • Hosiery needles number 3,5

importantdetermine the design of the future of children's vests.If the work is performed for the first time, the best drawings will strip them will be different and very beautiful.You can use ready-made patterns, and if the dimensions do not fit, they can be changed by their standards.

Job Description


dial 86 loops, knit 2 cm elastic band (1 pt. Front, 1 p. Wrong) and continue to knit the front embroidery.From the beginning of knitting embroidery front after 42 rows at a height of 16 cm close the loop to form the armhole.Once close the loop and 2 four times in two loops closed on the two sides, each 2nd row 64 only needs to close the loop.

After the front knit stitch loops 84, from the beginning of work, at a height of 30 cm 20 secondary loops close to the neck and on both sides close to one loop and three times 1 time c

lose the two loops in each second row.

84 series of facial knit stitch, from the beginning of work at the height of 32 cm close to neckline 20 loops, and both sides continue to close the loop three times 1 1 times in every 2nd row 2 close the loop.Knit front embroidery from the beginning of work at the height of 35 cm close to each shoulder bevel remaining 17 loops.


Knit like the back.From the start of work after 48 rows facial embroidery (at the height of 18 cm) left uncovered 2 secondary loop and begin to form a V-neck, then knit the two parts separately.At the edge of the neck again type in the first row on the edge of one loop on both sides.In order to form a bevel subtract each second row 11 times 1 st and 4 times in each subtract the first row.To do this, knit the right side to the four loops of the end of the row, then 2 facial loop knit together.On the left edge of the knit loops, one loop take off, 1litsevuyu knit and pull through it removed the noose.From the beginning of work at the height of 32 cm close remaining 17 loops on each shoulder bevel.


Perform shoulder seams.On the edge of each armhole we shall find 82 loops, knit elastic 2x2 2,5 centimeters.Perform side seams.Dial on the edge of the neckline on circular needle loops 94, introduced in 2 loops before leaving uncovered.And at the same time in the middle of knitting knit two loops, and each circumferential 2nd row 1st knit loop of a previous persons.loop and pull it through the removed loop.At a height of 2.5 cm close all the loops of the figure.If

striped vest, the knitting as you figure invented to change the color of thread.

finished product need to moisturize and allow to dry.