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Crochet for babies

Crochet hats for newborns

Cap for children - the very first thing that should be in the wardrobe of a newborn.Assign a cap is not difficult, even for beginning knitters.It is important to simply master the art of aerial loops and bars with nakida without it.For crochet caps for baby you need fine wool and a hook.

cap should be calculated on the head circumference of about 35-38 cm. Knitting we start with a chain of about 30 cm that fit air loops.Then we knit columns with nakida.We should get a rectangle having a height equal to 10-11 cm. Strand breaks and go to the back of the knit cap.Fold the rectangle in half, and from the middle to both sides vymeryat 4-5 cm, noting them with the pins.Nakida knit columns with first row back.On both sides of the rows 2-4 is added columns with nakida.Because of the extreme base of the column, we need to vyvyazat additional columns.From the width of the web should be 10 cm. Now we start from each odd number, the two sides of the same post with doing subtraction.

All lines of the side of the bonnet and the rear should be the same.Combine lateral edge and back, connecting them with columns without nakida.Hook is held simultaneously in both parts of the cap.The joints must be of the form braids and pass on the outside.Do not tear off the thread.Bend bonnet provyazyvaem columns without nakida, and the second joint carry out the above described method.At the bottom of the cap should be a thread.We got the base cap.The cap can be left in its original form, sewn to her zavyazochki, but you can decorate it, seam-knit openwork lace plait.You can also sew ribbons or embroidery to make fun for the kids.

To cap had a beautiful shape, tied it around the posts with nakida slightly tightening the thread.Ties we do, picking up from the end caps required length using chain stitches.One series polustolbikami knit, tighten the knot and tie ready.Just do the second and eyeballs.

crocheted booties for babies

Knitting pinetok should buy cotton thread from the children in the amount of half a skein of 25 grams (about 90 meters) and a hook of any length and size.

Knitting we start with a chain of air, the length of which should be about 5 cm. Around her vyvyazyvayut oval.Knit booties sole, making for a smooth heel rounding on one side and a projection in the form of a triangle to the other toes.So should knit until outsole will not be 9 cm.

Go to the top of the booties.Here, we need to make the restriction, namely the uniform on the heel and at the toe noticeable.Our mated height should be approximately 2.5 cm.

So, up to this point, our booties jibe without nakida columns - we are now number 1 provyazyvaem columns with nakida that will help both to "raise" our booties.Do not forget that you need to further narrow the sock.Heel provyazyvaetsya column without nakida.After we "lift" the front booties provyazyvaya row with nakida.

As a result, we have a ready-made booties.It is important to link the second booties same size.It is therefore necessary with a ruler or tape measures to make all necessary measurements and only then, by following the figures, to start knitting booties second.

already ready booties can be decorated with the help of lace or lace.Also, you can use the beads to be very hard to sew.The main thing - do not use sharp objects in the form of jewelry that kid can get hurt!

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