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How to Knit English gum

How to learn to knit English gum?

First of all you need to do a set of loops with thickened edge, then knitting will not get tightness and smooth fabric.Do not forget to finish the product, double thread.

Do not knit English elastic cuffs, clothing edges, such elements which "hold" form.

will look very beautiful products that are associated with needles of large diameter and thick threads.The pattern of facial loop knit over the front wall, or may be distorted pattern.

Very convenient is the British viscous gum.Things quickly tally, elastic fabric, this gum is convenient for those just starting to learn the basics of knitting.

To do this you will need:

  • Spokes
  • Threads

The most common type of binding gum is the British band, which is easy to fit.This method is used to knit knitted scarf.First, you need to pick up the thread and needles.If you plan to make a scarf for the cold weather, it is better to take a thick woolen threads.If you need a scarf to demi-season clothes, then thread the s

pokes need to take a more subtle.Just keep in mind that the thin needles to knit a scarf, you'll be much longer.

first row - dial on the spokes of an odd number of loops.The first row knit so - one front loop, then make direct nakida and remove the following loop, it does not provyazyvat, working thread leave for work, so knit to the end of the series.

second row knit so - start with a series of direct nakida, one loop and remove it provyazyvat not, leave the thread of the work, and the loop from the previous row nakida need to knit together a front loop.Such actions are alternated throughout the series.Nakida, remove the loop, knit the previous loop and nakida.

third row similar to the second row.Knit the loop and nakida along one face of the loop, then make direct nakida and the following loop to remove without provyazyvaniya, the thread is at work.

Then alternate between each other the second and third rows and knit scarf the desired length.Then you need to close the loop in the last row, and if you want to make a scarf fringe on the ends of the strands.Finally scarf ready.

There is a variant of the pattern of the English rubber spokes 2X2.The pattern obtained relief seems more dense.Suitable for a wide gaiters, hats and scarves.English elastic knitted on 5 needles or circular needles and line.This convenient elastic knit hat of thick thread.They obtained a seamless and quick tally.

English circular gum

Driving her knitting

Dial an even number of loops.

number 1 - 1 front loop nakida, 1 loop off and it does not provyazyvat.
number 2 - from myself to do a reverse nakida, remove the front loop and provyazyvat, 1 Wrong loop.
3 series - Knit the first row, front loop with nakida provyazyvaem front.

English gum 2x2

number 1 - 2 facial loops nakida, 1 lift, not provyazyvat, nakida, 1 lift not provyazyvat.
number 2 - 1 nakida, 1 loop to remove without provyazyvaniya, 1nakid 1 provyazyvat not remove, the front and a loop with two nakida knit facial.
3 series - pattern repeat with gum 1ryada.

Useful tips

Scarf connected to the spokes of the British gum, after washing is very extended, it must be considered.And the thicker needles will be picked up, the stronger will last mating.English gum associated with needles, is very effective and easy to knit knitting winter hats and scarves.And if the winter is past, and I want to scarf decorated and heated, it is possible to link the spokes delicate light scarf mohair or luxurious ruffles and frills of the fancy yarn tape.