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Mittens two spokes

What is needed to link the two spokes mittens

We need to get 100 grams of yarn, knitting needles in the amount of two pieces, a small amount of yarn of any color you liked the contrast (most importantly, that this color is in harmony with the main) and a needle with a largeear.

exclusive Knit Mittens Knitting

initially to tie mittens we need to calculate the required number of loops.Also, you should definitely measure the circumference of palm in its widest part.After that, the result obtained measurements to be divided by two.

Then we go directly to the process of knitting two needles.Knit a control sample, and then look forward to the density of knitting.We have to get a small-largest rectangle that is linked from that same yarn and needles that the result we all knit product.Thanks all the same triangle, we can avoid many mistakes in knitting.Now it's easy to calculate the exact number of loops.For example, for our sample, we gained 30 loops, then the width, obtained by us, is 15 centim

eters.It follows that the density knitted in this case will correspond to 30: 15 = 2 in loop 1 centimeter.

further information about our guided largest polubhvata palm and the number of loops in one centimeter, we multiply these values.There's a way it becomes clear right amount of tabs for the dialed number.

Initially, we were binding on the spokes details palms.For this, we garter knit 3-4 cm rubber band or knit 1x1.then we move to stocking st (in the ranks that we are facial provyazyvaem all loops facial loops in backstitches respectively Wrong).In this way, we need to knit about five centimeters.In other words, before the beginning of a larger finger.

Then we divide our loop into three parts (thumb will be bred to one third).On the front side to the right gloves for the left on the wrong we have to finger knit two loops at the same time removing the edge.Go to the hinge pin (1/3 of all the loops).Other loop we remove the pin.

Now we need to start knitting loops exclusively thumb in the direction right up to the nail and then making ubavki at provyazyvaya two loops on each side of the web.As a result, when we have the spokes to remain the last two loops, we start to knit the finger in the opposite order.In this case, we should add at the beginning and at the end of a series in one loop.This should be done as long as we can not get the original number of loops.And now we were binding right half, it would be fully consistent with the first.

And then we come the turn loops that removed the pin.They should be put on the spokes and continue to knit until the end of the little finger nail, detail of hand.Now we are at the beginning and end of the series certainly provyazyvaem two loops.Five loops that were left, we end as usual.

Knit the upper part.Here you need to dial the same number of loops has been to hand.Returning to the garter, provyazyvaem 3-4 centimeters or knit of the same rubber band 1x1.Now we can safely proceed to the familiar stocking st, vyazha as well as the detail of her hands, that's just not vyvyazyvaya finger.

And we finished parts mittens.We need them through the wet proutyuzhilnik necessarily ironed.The upper part of the mittens can be decorated with beads and embroidery.On the front side we sew using a thick yarn of contrasting colors (over the side seam) our mittens on two spokes connected and warming her hands in cold weather to make their own new clothes!

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