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Postcards with his hands on the New Year


To create a masterpiece, you will need:

  • Finished blanks cards
  • Colored paper and cardboard
  • PVA glue, lime and Melt
  • Scissors
  • Figured punchers
  • Textile decoration: tape, lace, etc.
  • small things for decoration: buttons, beads, beads, etc.
  • cones, pine needles
  • Tiny Christmas toys of plastics

Ideas postcards

Postcards for New Year can be varied.We will offer you some interesting ideas.It is worth noting that the stores often sell crafts templates cards that need only to decorate to your liking.But if you want a full exclusivity, then you need to do in advance template.To do this, take the right color design cardboard and folded in half.Pre-finished cardboard template in the form of various geometric shapes, herringbone, ball.Putting a template from the inside, describes a pencil and stationery knife carefully cut a window.Outside the window is decorated, and the other, a whole half cards, write greetings to him was clearly visible through the window.To hide any unwanted par

ts (for example, the ends of the fabric or braid), which are clearly visible during the opening greeting, in the half with a window on the inner side of the same color stick cardboard, half the size of a postcard.

Postcard collage

Fold the cardboard card and proceed to the beautification.Take a tiny Christmas tree toys, cones, tinsel, glitter and glue them to cardboard silicate glue, nicely arranged.

If you have a large card, here you can roam.Pick and paint on a thin colored cardboard outlines of reindeer, Santa Claus (2-3 Circuits for each character) and sleigh (leave allowances pasting).Glue the sleigh, but the way to get a small pocket in which we add a couple of pieces of wool to the sled were raised.Figures can be glued one copy.But if the same pattern between the pave a piece of thin foam rubber and glue, the characters will be bulky.With wool do snow, snowflakes out of paper.Now fill the sleigh.You can use ready-made Christmas Toys- "gifts", they are very light.Or make them yourself, wrapped in shiny paper or foil, pre-planed pieces of foam.

Postcard "Herringbone┬╗

From cardboard cut out a triangle, lubricate it with glue and pulls it tight braid or a thin multicolored yarn.The coils are arranged as you like.On the basis of making a frame of ribbons of your choice and put up our Christmas tree in it.It remains to be pasted on the tree beautiful beads.

Gentle card

For such cards need different stencils of stars and snowflakes.Through them, the white paper is applied to the tender drawings are what you want.Doing this can be spray paint.But if you think about health, you can use the old Soviet way.Take graphite and colored pencil planed it so as to obtain a fine dust or shavings.In the white paper, put the stencil on him pour a little color chips and rub the cotton swab.When remove the remaining chips and will remove the stencil, you get a snowflake on a white background.In this way, decorate the entire card, attach the ribbon beads and all you can give.

edible greeting

You need to bake a cake in the form of a thin card.Cards must fit on ourselves and ornaments, and greetings.Dough take such a long time that the card is not callous and does not break when it will work.From cardboard doing inscription - congratulations, just cutting it in words.Ready putting a template and applied to a protein or other coating (protein hardens and greased).Then decorate to your liking in a Christmas theme.

We have shown only a few options for the New Year greeting cards.Believe me, the card made by your hands will be the most pleasant surprise.

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