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Cross Stitch: Flowers

little about embroidery

Cross Stitch - very ancient crafts, especially in the noble families.Indeed, rather than take another young ladies themselves, nor embroidery.Nothing complicated about it.Cross - this is the easiest way to embroidery.Nevertheless, getting into the needle and hoop, you must have less free time, how much patience, perseverance and the ability to communicate the work to the end.For needle recommended to sit only in a good mood, but still some people embroidery allows to calm nerves.Doing embroidery is very exciting, beginning the first stitch, completely forget about time.You can embroider a cross as ordinary tissues, and on special canvas.Yarn take too different.This may be the floss, silk, wool.The designs and patterns can be found in any store for needlework.You can buy and embroidery kits that allow you to not waste time searching for the right materials.You just have to fix the canvas in the hoop.But if you want something unusual, unique, something you can just pick the pho

to or image and with a special program expanded by color.The program will make a circuit of the flower and select shades specified number.

How to embroider flowers

very first rule in the embroidery colors - need to have the skills.That is, before you take on complex technical flower such as a rose, you first need a little practice on simple models.So you not only nabete hand, but choose for themselves a convenient technique of embroidery.

method embroidery

embroider flowers in two ways:

  1. embroider rows.This method is complicated.The fact that you have to cut or thread and attach it almost after every cross or vdevat different thread in the needle and then just change the course of embroidery thread with needles, making a broach between the crosses.But it is very tiring, and the thread may get lost.
  2. embroider color.This means that you first embroidering section of the same color shade of the corresponding thread, and then take the thread of a different color and a different host for the site.This method is simple, the only thing - it needs attention in order to properly position the crosses and not lose count.

Terms embroidery colors

There are a couple of rules that must be followed, no matter what you embroidering:

  1. If you choose to embroider the second method, you should be sure to remember that embroidery, includingembroidery and colors, you need to start with the color that predominates.The last embroider areas with the fewest crosses.This scheme is easier to hide the ends of the threads of the single crosses.
  2. begin to embroider a must with dark shades, gradually comes to neutral colors.If you do the opposite, you can just get dirty blond, has shades of dark and embroidered work will look sloppy and dirty.

Embroidery flowers

needlewoman often stop their choice on bouquets.And these models are very complicated.The fact, that consist of several bouquets of flowers.Some of them are in the foreground, and the remaining florets sidelined, as a complement of the main species.There are also a variety of leaves, stems.And everything that was created by the author in the picture, we must be able to carry on the canvas.And that's all it is necessary to think in advance, not on the job.The bouquet first flowers embroidered cross-accents, making them bright and unique, clear "prorisovyvaya" each petal.Then embroider flowers of the second plan, making them visible mene than the basic colors, such as making a paler.At the end of the stems are taken.They are usually embroidered stitches using green, silver thread.When the painting is ready to make the final touches on the need to - perform contour or secure the beads, butterflies.

embroidery colors is very difficult work, but nevertheless it, the result will delight you with its beauty and elegance.

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