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How to sew a skirt sun

Girls with any figure may get yourself a sun flared skirt, just consider some of the nuances.If you have a full figure, lower level flared hips will look much narrower than they really are.For full figure ladies suits fabric flaring or having a lot of small details, should not be a major spots at the top of the product.Girls having a slim figure, the material can select any pattern as long as it was the center symmetric.On the slim silhouette look good flared lace.

sun flared skirt

Before how to sew a skirt sun Think about what you're wearing it will become.Maybe the top selection will change in the choice of material.It is best to choose a pair of shiny fabric shirts or short tops.Oriental notes add bronze bracelets and braided belt with tassels.

How to sew a skirt flared sun?

You will need:

  • skirt suit for fine wool, silk, lightweight cotton.If the web width is 150 cm, then you need to take the length of articles, plus 20 cm for processing.
  • piece of soap or tailor's chalk.
  • long line.
  • compass.
  • for unnecessary patterns roll of wallpaper or a sheet of drawing paper.
  • Threads.
  • elastic band width of 3 cm (gum).

Before sew skirt sun, take off measurements from the model.Such measurements will be needed, as the length of the product, hips and waist circumference.We calculate the radius of the formulas.The inner radius of the skirt will be equal to ½ of the circumference, multiplied by 3.14, and the outer radius is greater than the length of the skirt.Construct with a compass and a small circle to the string tie a pencil, make a large circle.The opposite end of the thread from a pencil held at the center and circle shapes smooth semicircle bottom pattern.We obtain a semi-circle.Harvesting belt will be a rectangle 6 cm wide and long - one that is equal to the circumference of the waist, plus 5 cm.

Putting a piece of cloth on an equity line in half and apply the pattern so that the cuts fell on the fold.Embed seams allowances centimeter piece of paper and draw a chalk or soap.Belt cuts out at 45 degrees on the bias so as not to stretch.

Now sew skirt sun.Let's start with the belt, fold it in half lengthwise and Stitch the short sides.Allowances press it inwards.Align the top of the main part with the hole in the belt to the inside edge of the skirt has appeared.Baste the seam.Do not forget to leave room for the gum.

stitched detail, insert elastic at the waist, and the insertion zashem a hidden seam.Fold the bottom edge and fix hem.Then, the finished thing ironed and put on her.

Some tips

  • When hip ratio greater than the width of the material, then you need to take 2 lengths.
  • With a length of skirts to the floor, it will need 4 lengths.Then you have to grind 4 seam.
  • When calculating the inner radius is not taken into account any radius.
  • to cook skirt is not stretched after the first wash before you cut out, natural fabrics need to be washed, ironed.Synthetic fabrics in this preparation do not need.

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