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Knitting vests

Knitting women's vests

To do this you will need:

  • 400 grams of wool yarn
  • Spokes number 5 and number 6


dial on the spokes of the number 5, 102 loops and knit15 cm rubber band 2x2 (2 persons. loop 2 PHI. loop until the end of the series) in the second row knit in pattern).

Then change the number of spokes on the spokes 6.

distribute the loop by the pattern - knit 13 loops face a smooth surface, 10 stitches pattern braids, elastic loops 10, 10 repeat loop pattern braids, the next 14 loops knit elastic band, then 10 loops knit pattern streamerand complete a series of 13 loops of the front surface.

number 1 braid of 10 loops knit 2 purl loops, 6 loops facial, 2 loops.
2 series (backing) knit in pattern.
3 row, knit as number 1.
4 row knit in pattern.
5 series - 4 persons crosshairs.Loop left (2 PHI. knit loops, 2 persons. loop leave before work, knit the next 2 persons. loops and loops with auxiliary needles).
6 series knit in pattern.
7 series - 4 crosshairs PHI.Loop left (leave

2 sts before working with the auxiliary spokes take 2 PHI. loops and knit purl loops).Repeat this pattern for 14 rows (2 PHI. Loops, 6 persons. Loops, PHI 2. Loop).

Before knit vests for distributed loops from the beginning of knitting 26 cm, then perform bevel neckline.Close the average of 10 loops and continue to knit every row 8 is closed at one loop.To do this, remove the outermost loop as the front loop, 1 front loop provyazyvaem, will extend through the removed loop knit loop.Let's close by 39 cm from the edge of the loop for the armholes.To do this, we close the loop 4 using gum 1x1.From inlaid edge knit 60 cm loop close to the shoulder bevel 2 x 7 loops, use gum 1x1.Second finish symmetrically.


Knit in pattern before, but without the neckline.Knit fabric 62 cm close remaining loop a rubber band 1x1.

Assemble parts

sew back and front of the shoulder bevel knit stitch, perform side seams.Dial loops neckline, knit elastic band 7 cm, close the loop.Dial the loop for armholes, knit 7 cm elastic loops close similar.

Related vests with their hands, and today is a fashionable subject in the women's locker room.It can be mild, summer or warm related mohair.Vest is easy to relate spokes.

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